Deep Cleans – How Wizard Valerie Rolls

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How I Perform Deep Cleans

deep cleans

I just love completing a deep clean of my house, don’t you? To me, there is just something so therapeutic about it that I can’t quite put it into words. And not only does it make me feel good about myself, but there is nothing better than living in a home that is as clean as possible. It’s the same when I go into my office, or any workspace for that matter. So, when I find that these places hire commercial cleaning services to help ensure that their areas are as clean as my home, it feels me with great joy.

Want to know how I perform deep cleans? Some people do large areas at a time, but I choose one section of the house at a time and start at the top. I have 120′ of plant ledges throughout my house and all but 10′ are double sided. All off them are decorated with 6′ chain greenery (18 total), pottery, statues and in the kitchen I have full wine bottles and various other things; all of which must be wet cleaned. I use damp cloth with ammonia water.

I start with replacing the air filters in the HVAC system because the dust is getting ready to fly! This is the order in which I do deep cleans of a room. This example is my living room, kitchen, dining room, office and entryway combined. I do this section at the same time because, as you can see, they all flow together, so doing one room at a time doesn’t benefit me. It takes about 7 hours without interruptions. Be sure to have something in the fridge for dinner. You won’t want to cook after a day like this. I do this every 3 months. A fair warning, if you do not have enough time to clean every nook and corner, it’s best to contact the local cleaning services. For example, those looking for Air duct cleaning services in MD., could reach out to firms like Pure Air, which might be able to assist them locally.

When Doing Deep Cleans, Start at the highest point.

1. Take all greenery outside and hose off. Live plants too if you can.

2. Put machine washable window coverings in the wash.

3. Take all rugs outside and shake them. Once the window covering are done I wash my rugs/runners 3 at a time and dry them outside. I have 12 total from the garage to the living room.

4. Vacuum plant ledges.

5. Vacuum ceiling fans then wipe with a damp cloth.

6. Vacuum HVAC registers.

7. Wipe curtain rods and vacuum blinds, see notes below for deeper cleaning.

8. Clean all wall decor. art work, photos etc. I take ornate iron pieces outside and hose them off, dry in sun.

High Areas Done. Now What?

1. I remove everything from surfaces.

2. Vacuum lamp shades.

3. Clean tables and anything that was on them.

4. Vacuum back of TV if you can, wipe TV and other electronics with damp cloth.

5. Put everything back together.

6. Vacuum furniture, don’t forget that gravity was pulling the dust down.

The dogs have decided I need a break. I have to stop and brush them because they had a grand time rolling around in the dormant grass and they are covered in ‘hay’ while I was cleaning!!! It’s also a good time to eat. Then I’ll have another go at deep cleans.

Next I move to the kitchen.

1. Clean all the decor I brought down from the ledges and put items along with the greenery back on the ledges.

2. Clean the top/entire fridge, wipe down cabinets, stove, dishwasher, counter tops and anything on my counters with ammonia water

Now it’s time for the dinning room, entryway and office.

1. Put all the greenery back on the ledges.

2. Wet clean any decor on the walls.

3. Wet clean table top and decor on it.

4. Wet clean glass table and decor in the entryway.

5. Wipe down office furniture including desk chair, printer, PC and decor and anyting on the walls

Time for An Aleve & Deep Cleans Finishing Touches.

1. I go back through and look for anything I missed.

2. Vacuum all of the floor surfaces. I don’t own a broom on purpose. Remove bottom drawer from oven and vacuum under it, move fridge and do the same, only if you can.

3. I hand wash all the tile grout with a grout cleaner with a toothbrush and rag during deep cleans. I put the dogs outside for this because what I use is very caustic. Being that I am on the floor, I also clean the baseboards. Once the grout is clean I mop with a freshly machine washed mop. After the floor is completely dry, I let the dogs back in. I’m sure I will have to brush them again, but that’s better than chemicals on their paws.

Maintenance In Between Deep Cleans

I’m not joking about the Aleve. What I’ve done makes me feel like I have spent hours in a gym, plus I’ve been up and down a 6′ latter throughout the day. I will feel it once I stop moving. It’s easy to maintain between deep cleans because I work (average hours) 11-7, so every morning I do something like clean all the bathrooms. Another day I dust and clean glass/mirror surfaces throughout the house, vacuum every other day etc.

  • Once every 3 months I shampoo carpets. I keep this schedule because of the dogs.
  • About once every 6 months, (sometimes 5 months or as needed) I wet clean the blinds with bleach water and wash windows inside and out.
  • About every 4-6 weeks, or as needed, I hand clean floor grout in the traffic areas.
  • About every 4-6 weeks, or as needed, I wash all the doors and spot clean walls. I do this when I clean the grout.
Tomorrow my deep cleans with conquer the master bedroom, closet, all bathrooms, guest rooms and laundry room. The carpets and windows are about due so I’ll plan those on a warmer day in the next couple of weeks.



  1. I keep my house clean, too; but, I got tired just reading this, LOL. I never thought about how I cleaned my house, just did it on how I was raised-CLEAN, LOL. GREAT JOB cleaning !!!!!

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