How Wizard Lauren organizes coupons

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How I Organize Coupons

We all organize our coupons a little differently and to tell the truth, my method has changed about four times already in the last 9 months. At first, I tried cutting out every coupon and using a binder. When that one got too full, I got two binders (one for food, and one for health/beauty items). After talking to other Wiz Kids, I decided to try a hybrid coupon organization method to save myself time.

Breaking Down Coupon Inserts

When I get my inserts I break them down and staple like pages together. Then I cut out only the ones I know I will or want to try to use. Then I put the rest of the pages in a file folder in a drawer, labeled with the date. Now I am able to only use one notebook. I prefer to use the 8 pocket binder pages because they fit the coupons much easier than the traditional 9 pocket ones that everyone suggests. For example, the P&G coupons don’t need to be folded at all and fit perfectly. Most other coupons fit well or just need one quick folding to fit. Here are two examples on Amazon of what I use: (20 count) 8-Pocket Pages or (100 count) 8-Pocket Pages. You only lose one pocket per page but gain a TON of time.

What I Do with Loose Coupons

I keep other loose coupons, store sales fliers, other store coupon (like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Toys r Us, etc) in a file box, which is also where I keep my store envelopes. I have five store envelopes – Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Harris Teeter. These envelopes are plastic so they won’t rip and they tie closed so nothing falls out. For Target I have a small coupon organizer with the tabs in it. Usually the envelopes are the only thing I take in the store so I don’t have to bring in the whole notebook.

Organizing Coupons

How do you organize your coupons? Any tips on what works well or what didn’t work at all for you?



  1. Awesome idea! I should find some of those. I’d been using regular envelopes. haha Hope I can find different colors like yours so I can “color code”. Red = Target; Blue = Wal-mart, etc … 🙂

  2. Wizard Lauren – I love it! I use the hybrid method as well.. but the idea of separate folders for stores is great! Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, Target, are all in my binder…. but I am DEFINITELY going to pick up those types of envelopes! Think I will add a Walgreens & CVS to my folder collection too! Thanks for the awesome idea.

  3. This is a great idea!

  4. I love the folder idea. As far as the pages go, my BFF (who has a stock pile I’m so envious off :)) suggested I get page protectors and and binders. I then slide in the pages, put them in the book, and wa-lah I can just flip through for what I am looking for. Oh, and I clip the ones I know I will use such a coupons for eggs, vinegar, milk etc.
    Love your website!

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