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If you play the drug store game right, you will always get a better deal on diapers than you will at Publix, Wal-Mart or any of the wholesale clubs.  I have a little one on the way and have been stocking up on diapers for the last 6 weeks.  A couple of weeks ago, Walgreens had a really strong ad that allowed for a lot of rolling of the register rewards.  It was the ad that included the Children’s flu meds which were a $7mm.  I rolled that into the Omega Factor with no OOP and it spit out $10 RR’s.  The Huggies were on sale at WAGS for $6.99 and I had $3.00/1 Q’s, so it made the diapers $3.99.  I was able to build my RR’s up to $60 over the course of the week.  I was able to get 5 jumbo packs of Huggies (and one filler) for every $20.00 in RR’s, so I ended up getting a total of 15 packs of diapers and came out of pocket only around 5 bucks or so.  That includes the purchases of the medicines.

It sounds like a pain to do this, but I made it my goal to stock my nursery with diapers from the time my son was born to the time he is potty trained for less than $20.00.  I have amassed over 35 packs of diapers at this point (up to and including a few packs of size 4) and am still under $10.00 oop.  The drug stores are definitely the best place to get them if you catch the right ad with the right coupons.  It has to be a perfect storm but I don’t know how any of the other stores would be able to compete with those kinds of deals.

I am looking forward to doing a similar deal again this week as we were able to do the Vicks deal last week enough times to get another $60 in RR’s.  (I donated all of the medication to a local ministry).

That said, they are running the jumbo packs for 8.99.  Today’s paper had coupons for $2.00.  that means I can get one pack of diapers (6.99) plus a tub of wipes with a $10 rr and get $2 rr’s back!!!  My out of pocket will be close to nothing on this deal as well depending on fillers and wipe prices.  Either way, I can do that 6 times and basically stock those nursery needs for nothing!


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