Weighing In Wednesday- I Still Have To Eat

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Weighing In Wednesday

weighing in Wednesday Health Scale

Last Weeks Progress-
Workouts- 4
Weight Change- 0

Here’s my Weighing In Wednesday progress for the past week:

Progress note- I didn’t have a weight loss last week, but know that is not discouraging me. A long time ago I read this article “Why The Scale Lies” and it really gave me a different perspective on how I view what it says. The bigger measure to me is how I feel and how my clothes fit. I have to say I do feel better, the fatigue problems I was having has not been as big of an issue since I’ve been working out and eating better. I know that soon my clothes will start feeling loose and that’s always a great feeling. 

Whew! That Was Hard

Last week was tough!! There were a couple mornings I thought “I could just hit the snooze and stay in bed instead of going work out.” I didn’t. I got myself up and went. I’ve also increased my work out to 45 minutes from 30. I now do 30 minutes (1.5 miles) on the treadmill and 15 minutes (2.5 miles) on the stationary bike.

The really tough part of the week was the eating part. I had a bad habit when hubby was offshore to just pick up something for dinner. It was easier and faster. I’ve stopped that, but it hasn’t been easy.

Weighing In Wednesday and Food

Right now I’m not following a set “diet.” I’ve tried a bunch – Atkins, Sugar Busters, Special K, Cabbage Soup Diet (ack) that one was gross. None of them ever worked for me. I’m the type that if I do a diet and their is a “no-no” item that is the one thing I will crave. For now I’ve just started cooking dinner at home and making enough for lunch the next day. I’m starting to make extras and freeze them so on rushed nights I can just defrost and eat. I’ve increased my vegetable and fruit portions and I’m cutting back on the sweets and fatty foods.

I will be going back on Weight Watchers. I do the online version, I don’t dig the meetings. I was on it before and lost 70 lbs. The thing I like about it is that their aren’t any “no-no” items. You just track points and can have what you want you just have to stay within your set points. Basically it’s just balanced healthy eating, but tracking it to make sure you are staying on track.

Portion Control Rules the Day

To top off the hard and stressful week, Saturday was our yearly family get together. I live in the south and here everything revolves around food. We have a family mass then we all go to my aunt’s house afterwards. She makes an amazing spread of food every year and she is an excellent baker. I decided while I wouldn’t over do it like I usually do, I also wasn’t going to deprive myself this yearly enjoyment. Usually I would have had a piece of EVERY dessert, this year I did have dessert, but not all of them and a smaller portion then I usually would. I was actually pretty proud of myself. However, I know that I cannot let this weekend cause me to revert back to my past eating habits. So I’m back on track and getting back to the gym!

I’ll update you next week!!  You can click here to see our other Getting Healthy articles including my prior updates.

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