Is Santa Real? Here is your answer. Help for All Parents

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Is Santa Real or What?

Is Santa Real

I have two small boys. Ethan is 9 and Aidan is almost 7. They BELIEVE. Oh how they believe. I’m waiting for Ethan to ask this question of Is Santa Real. He’s so smart, but we are in DEEP with the Santa Believing.  We have a “Mall” Santa here who is BAR NONE, THE SANTA. THE Santa that my children have always known. We have gone as far as to have him over to our home, make special gifts for him, and he has called the children through out the year to keep tabs 🙂  I’ve sprinkled glitter….feathers representing their grandfather who has passed, helping Santa on Christmas eve….They have gotten letters from Santa in the mail….followed his footsteps of soot out the back door…..heard jingle bells on Christmas Eve….carefully picked a piece of Santa’s beard that got stuck on the fireplace screen, and they have seen Ruldolph’s Nose light up the night sky. So, when Ethan asks this question, what will I say???

How to Answer the “Is Santa Real” Question

A friend of mine just posted on Facebook that her daughter asked this question…..Poor Mom. How do we DO THIS?? How do we tell the loves of our lives that we have lied to them since birth?? How do we answer the “Is Santa Real” question? I was so THANKFUL to see that one of HER friends posted this letter that a mom wrote to her child. I will keep this until the day (sooner than later) that Ethan asks the dreaded questions~ it’s so hard to grow up.  And it’s just as hard for the parents to accept the end of the Magic.  When Ethan asks this question, I’ll sit with him, and most likely cry, as I’m doing now typing this post……but I’ll tell him exactly what that amazing mom wrote in her letter, as THAT is what the Magic is. The love for we have for our children is WHY we do this~ and they will remember it for their entire lives….as I remember what My parents did for me……  Head over here to read this amazing letter. AND, have some Kleenex ready (preferably not the Puffs with Vicks like I have here on my desk……:)  ~ Melissa


  1. This is amazing. How thoughtful of he to go into deep details to her child in explaining her answer.

  2. xoxox I know. I will cherish that letter and keep it ready for my time. 🙂

  3. Santa is in our hearts and minds but Jesus is the REAL reason for the season.

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