January Sales – What are the Best Items to Buy this Month?

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Best Items to Buy in January

Best Items to Buy in January 2
Every item has its sales cycle. There are times of the year when it’s best to buy one thing and not another. Those of us that have been couponing for a while have the food, health & beauty, and paper & laundry supply cycles well in hand, but what about those big purchases? TVs, furniture, clothing, electronics, cars, bikes, gardening supplies, and gas grills? There’s a time for everything and everything has its time. Below are the best items to buy this month. It’s January’s time, and here’s what you should be looking at:

January – Best Items to Buy

Christmas Clearance – This one goes without saying. We couponers know how to find the Christmas clearance! Look for deals on wrapping paper, gift sets, trees, cards, seasonal linens, decorations, candy & much more!

Organizing Supplies – Everyone making those resolutions to get organized promptly this sale every year. You’ll find deep discounts on everything from storage boxes to label makers to the little inserts that hide inside drawers. If getting organized is one of your resolutions, January is the best time to buy your supplies.

Exercise Equipment – Along with organizing, people are making resolutions to diet & get fit. You can get the best deals this month on treadmills, elliptical machines, weights, bands, DVDs, and more.

Linens – For some reason, many, many years ago, merchandisers began having “white sales” in January and for some reason, this has stuck around. Stores tend to have huge markdowns on table linens, cloth napkins, sheets & comforters, pillows & cases, and the like.

Cameras – Did everyone wear out their cameras over the holidays? Who knows, but if you need a camera or accessories, January is the time to buy them. You’ll find huge markdowns in film & digital cameras alike, along with accessories to go with them.

Bicycles – Stores are clearing out old stock so they’re ready for the spring. If you can, wait to make your bike purchases for the kids in January, instead of at Christmas time. They won’t be marked down much during the holidays because they want to get as much money as they can before they begin to let the old stuff go cheap.

Houses – Especially in the North, you can get the best deals on a new home in January. Despite the harsh cold and the reluctant buyers, homeowners are keen on selling, which gives them two options. First, they can go to a home buying company like Ben Buys Indy Houses who could potentially help facilitate a quick sale for them. Most times, however, people are too tired from the holidays to go house hunting, not to mention trudging through the ice & snow to get to them, which might make sales harder. Therefore, in case the first option does not work out, homeowners can do some quick extra research by reading blogs from various real estate companies (https://meridianidhouses.com, for example) and find ways to sell, like dropping their prices even lower, which makes it a great investment for potential buyers.

Cars – Along the same line as homes, people in Northern climates can get great discounts on cars this month! Most people wait until the spring to buy their shiny new ride so they can avoid one less winter driving it in ice & snow and car dealerships know this. Also, because fewer people are buying in January, you stand a much better chance at haggling down the price.

TVs – This item gets a big slash in price near the end of January/beginning of February. Can you guess why? You’ve got it! The Super Bowl! Plus, retailers, trying to get rid of old stock to make room for new, will offer steep discounts on the older models (and some newer ones too), even more than at Christmas time. This is another good item to wait to purchase after the holidays if you can.

Winter Clothing – This is kind of a weird one when you first think about it. Winter is not even close to being over yet, but if you think like a retailer, it makes sense. Retailers are always one season ahead. They’re starting to bring in the new looks for spring and hence, need to make room. You’ll see steep discounts on winter clothing and coats this time of year. If you need winter gear, however (think boots, skis, skates, etc.), wait. That stuff is still going strong at full price.

Stay tuned to find out what you can save the most on in February.

Until then, Shop Happy!

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