Stockpile – How Jessica Stores Hers

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How I Store My Stockpile

After some hesitation, here is a peek inside my stockpile. While I am proud of what I have accomplished through couponing, I don’t like to feel as if I am bragging or saying, “look at me.” I have been couponing since December 2010 and have slowly reached and maintained my stockpile.

stockpileThis is the hall closet, which houses most of the health & beauty items. I have collection boxes in the bottom to throw in any sample size items for donations. I really like having a hanging clear shoe organizer to keep small items visible and within reach.


This is the storage space in the second bathroom. With a 16 year-old daughter, this stockpile doesn’t last as long as I would like it to.


This is the kitchen pantry. As you can see, there are not a lot of canned foods because I prefer to use fresh vegetables & fruits instead of canned.

stockpileThe snacks are out of the reach of little hands. We already had the empty space since we used to have about 2o baby bottles, pacifiers and all other baby items on the top shelf.

Lastly, here is our heavy-duty shelves that we have in the garage to house our stockpile of all cleaning, laundry and paper products. I am a very lucky girl that only has to worry about keeping this well stocked, because my husband does all of the laundry.


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  1. Stephanie Loveland says

    Love your stockpile!!! Great job keeping it well organized also.

  2. I love to see stockpiles of food. Still trying to get there myself.

  3. Tammy OHagan says

    Love your stockpile! Very organized. I have not been stockpiling because I’ve been busy taking care of my mother (passed away right before Christmas) and I’m a little hesitant after finding out that according to the FBI and Senator Rand Paul, if you have more than 7 days worth of food you can be considered a Terrorist! (links at bottom) Also now with Bill NDAA 1031 passed, any suspected Terrorist can be held without trail, including people who store more than 7 days worth of food!

  4. Nice I need to seriously stop shopping and get organized first…well maybe I will slow down on shopping while getting organized

  5. Coupon Erin says

    Love the way everything is organized.

  6. So organized. That is my New Year goal to get every thing in our house organized. If we have not used the item in 2 yrs it is going to get sold or thrown away.

  7. Wizard Laurie says

    Love it… thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. GREAT JOB !!!!! Love the stockpile. I can no longer post pics til I can get a camera. Hubby broke it….sniff sniff. But, still great looking at progresses.

  9. It’s nice to see someone else who doesn’t keep their stockpile all in one room or a garage full. I have mine put away in the rooms in which it’s typically used – behind closed doors. People that come into my house cannot tell that I coupon and stockpile since everything is put in it’s place of use. I can’t store laundry soap in my garage since we have hard winters here in N. Ohio and the freeze/thaw effect on soaps and fabric softner is NOT good – it gets thick and gloppy…so I need to keep that in a temperature controlled environment. Thanks for the sneak peek into your stockpile!

    • Gale Kelly says

      Very nice, very organized. Glad to know that I am not the only one that has stockpiles in more than one place! I use the garage for papergoods and laundry detergents….kitchen pantry for soups and sauces guest closet in hallway now housing boxed foods, pasta, cereals, coffee. Top shelf in my home office closet has 4 months of dog food. Trying to get hubby to turn the guest bedroom into a walk in pantry.. .but it’s a no-go! Oh well, when I retire, I can turn the home office closet into a walk in pantry!

  10. Kathryn Slepicka Skokna says

    Thanks for sharing! I like to see how other people are organizing their stockpiles. I’ve only been at this since the end of Sept. 2011, but I have bags in my closet that really need to be organized into something. I like the idea of the hanging shoe organizer. I need to do that too. 🙂

  11. Leona Evans says

    Thanks for sharing. I like to see what other people are doing so i can get a better idea of what can be done lol. Great job!

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