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CVS Advisory Panel

CVS Advisory Panel
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CVS has a new program, that is FREE, called the CVS Advisory Panel.  Just sign up to become a member of this panel and CVS will email you invitations throughout the year to participate in online surveys about their stores, products and services.  After completing the surveys they show their gratitude by giving you self-printable Extra Bucks (ranging from $5-$50)! The surveys come and go. For awhile I made about $50 in ECBs for a one month study on caregivers and then the next year I only received one survey invitation that I was turned down for. The next couple years nothing, and then another $10 in ECBs made on a couple different one. So you see, this isn’t anything to make an income on, but the “surprise ECBs” come in handy at any time!

Besides the CVS Advisory Panel…

If you love shopping at CVS, then you know that there’s a lot more to love about CVS besides the Advisory Panel. I only coupon at a couple of different stores: Publix, CVS & Target plus occasionally Walmart, so you know CVS must be pretty easy. If you roll ECBs, meaning earn one in one transaction & use it in another that also earns ECBs, you’ll really save! Make sure to join this panel and keep an eye out for all the great drug store deals to tackle at CVS!

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  1. I entered my info… said ty for your interest–nowwhat ?? I haven’treceived any e-mail to further explain either.

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