Keep Your Desk Clear for More Productivity

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Do You Keep Your Desk Clear?

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Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day! An important part of staying organized while you work is to keep your desk clear. Only have the items out that you need on a daily basis and maybe one or two knick-knacks or pictures to personalize it. If you look at my desk, you’ll see minimal objects upon it. I keep items organized in folders, things I use a lot, but maybe not daily, in the little file cabinet beside my desk and the items I don’t use a lot, in the tall cabinets in the closet of our office. Still, I’m wanting to purchase more organization items and drawers, so I’m soon to start looking about at stores such as office monster and the others that could be helpful to me.

When I take something out of a drawer or cabinet to work with it, when I’m done, it immediately goes back where I got it from. I don’t pile papers around. I have folders for filing in the rack to the left of my desk. Monday is filing day! In the rack are also plastic envelopes, one for stray coupons and one for receipts I need to scan. My pens, scissors, stickys, etc., all go in the holder. Take one out, put it back immediately when I’m done. I think you get the idea.

Where Everything Lives

How to Get & Keep Your Desk Clear

To keep your desk clear, you first need to find a home for everything. Take a box or bin, grab everything off your desk, except the obvious, like your computer, printer, keyboard, and the like, and place it in. Once everything is off your desk, clean it. Now you’re going to go through the bin and ask these questions + follow up with the direction:

  • Pick up each item & ask yourself – Do I use it every day? It can stay on the desk.
  • Do you use it a couple of times a week? Find a short-term storage area, like my little cabinet to the right.
  • Do you use it rarely, but still need access? Long-term storage area it is.
  • Do you not need it or use it at all? Out it goes!

Now that it’s all neat & tidy, keep your desk clear from now on. You can add some clips, hooks, or magnets around your desk to save space and keep the cables, keys, and other hangable objects organized. You could either get ready-made clips/hooks or if you happen to be artsy, DIY some using mouldable adhesives like sugru by tesa. You won’t believe how good and organized you’ll feel. Not to mention, you’re productivity would soar. There’s nothing that does your soul better than working in a clutter-free environment. Take advantage of Clean Off Your Desk Day, today and get a jump start on a non-cluttered tomorrow.

Happy Organizing!

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