Kids Summer Activities Part 1-The Summer Fun House

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Kids Summer activities

It’s not too soon to think about how we are going to keep the kiddos busy this Summer! The days are getting longer, and the kids are starting to get outside and play more! A sure sign that warmer weather is on the way! After the winter that we have had in Indiana, it’s a welcome change!

With Spring activities starting up and end of the school year activities on the horizon, you probably haven’t even given any thought to the question,”what are we going to do all summer?” Or “how will I keep them entertained without stressing the budget?” If you are in need of some free or low cost ideas, or just ideas in general than join with me as we explore some great kids Summer activities that we can do right in our houses and yards!

 “Just Go Play”

While we all know that sending the kids outside and telling them to “play” is a great idea, it only works for a day or two during some weeks, and an hour or two other weeks! I am a firm believer in having a plan. Just like when you plan your budget out-you know what to expect. With these kids Summer activities, you can start to formulate a plan to have when your kids come to you with the age old Summer statement, “Mom, I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!”

Below I have highlighted some creative kids Summer activities that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Some of the ideas you may recognize and may have done in the past. Hopefully you will get some new ideas too!

 Kids Summer Activities-Outdoor Fun

kids summer activities

Water balloons-A great way to cool off on a hot day, and have a little fun with your kids too!  I know at our local Meijer store and on their website you can score a whole bucket of water balloons for $10.00. It comes with the bucket, three water-balls, two faucet fillers and 600 water balloons! Get out the hose, fill them up and have a great time!

Bike Trails-This activity can be local in your neighborhood, or you might find a bike trail that you have to drive your vehicle to, and then hop on the bikes. Scope out some bike trails to get exercise and spend some quality time together too. Check out Trail Link to find trails in your local area. Don’t forget the helmet when you ride! When I ride with my son, we pick a color and count how many “red” cars we see, or how many different types of trees we see. You can even bring a small knapsack/drawstring backpack to collect some leaves or rocks to start a collection.

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Back-yard/Front-yard Picnic-Picnics don’t have to be at parks all the time. Try having a picnic in your own yard. Let your kids help you decide a menu, and then encourage them to help you prepare the picnic. For some fun you can pick up some wood kabob skewers and put fruit on them. (it’s a good idea to break the pointy end off before giving them to the kiddos) Some other kid friendly picnic ideas are crackers, raisins, PB&J, tortillas wrapped with their favorite lunch meat, and small, cut up veggies. When you have everything ready, grab a blanket or two and head out to the yard. I used to do this with my son when he was little. We even brought a couple of books outside to read when we were done eating. The fact that we were eating outside was a pleasant change. We had a great time watching the birds, reading our books, and just being together.

Tie-Die Shirts-Yes, you read this correct. I put this as an outdoor activity. If you do this outdoors, you will thank me later! We have made tie-die shirts a few times, and it is always a big hit! In fact we are going make them again this year too. My son still likes creating his own tie-die design and he is eleven. They have inexpensive tie-dye kits at and different varieties too. The smaller kits usually have around three different colors and as you get a bigger kit, you get more color variety.

Kids Summer Activities-Indoor Fun

kids summer activities

Build A Fort-When I was little, one of my favorite thing was taking off all of the couch cushions and using the dining room chairs to make a fort to watch cartoons from. My Mom or Dad would help us, and we would gather various blankets for the top. We would stretch the blankets from the couch to a dining room chair and use books to keep the blankets in place. The only problem was sometimes the books wouldn’t hold the blankets, or we couldn’t get the blankets high enough to make a roof. I upgraded the fort idea with my son. I used my claw hair clips to attach the blankets to the chairs. It was a mini “ah ha moment!” I would give him a flashlight and we would lay inside and pretend we were in a cave or he would watch cartoons from the fort like I used to. Don’t be surprised if you have to do a demo and reconstruction a couple of times!

Cooking School-Here’s an idea if you have a child that is a little bit older. In the morning you can sit down with them and go over some options for lunch. (Options you have already planned ahead of time, that you know would be a good recipe to show them how to make) Then when it’s time to prepare the meal, have them come in the kitchen to help. You can even pick a quick dessert to make too, like a batch of cookies, or brownies. Pizza Puffs are a quick and easy recipe for kids to help with.

Homemade Play-dough-Check out this great recipe for homemade Sparkly Galaxy Play dough, and a recipe for playdough using Kool-aid.

Homemade Icecream-Here’s another great idea from Wizard Jessica for making your own icecream-YUM!

Make Your Own Chalk-What a great idea-homemade chalk. Get those creative juices going!

Hotel-I know what you’re thinking….A hotel? I thought this was supposed to be “at home ideas.” Ahhh that’s the best part! A little planning a you can give your kids a different kind of “hotel experience.”

Pajama Day-Any of you Moms out there have a problem staying in your pj’s all day? Yeah, me neither, I’m all for it! I always like to have a plan before announcing the idea to the kids. Plan out a day when you can make time to stay home for the day. Plan a fun breakfast, like funny face pancakes. You can use bananas for the eyes, a strawberry for the nose, and blueberries for the mouth. Announce to the kids that is a “pajama day.” You can choose to watch a movie, have a silly pj dance contest, play games and do puzzles in your pj’s and maybe even sneak a nap in for the kids. After all they will be in their pajamas already. Haha! Whatever you do, just have fun in your pj’s!


The best part of these ideas is they give us a chance to interact and spend quality time with our kids. Think back on your childhood and what you used to do before the dawn of video games and cell phones. Share those experiences with your kids. It’s good to have some days where we “unplug” from some of technology and have some good old fashioned fun. Whether your dancing in your pj’s, picnicking in the yard, or chilling out in a homemade fort, you are you to have a blast with your kids this summer!

Do you have any kids Summer activities that you do with your kids?  Feel free to comment and let us know what you do in the summer to have fun with your kids! We can all learn from each other, and by sharing our ideas we may get the chance to try something new.

Have a fantastic Sizzling Summer!

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