Know Your Store Plan for All Your Favorite Stores

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Do You Have a Store Plan?

Know Your Store Plan 1Do you have a favorite store you like to coupon at? If so, do you have a store plan for that store? If you’re not sure what I mean by that, I’ll explain. My store plan has helped me immensely in the planning stages of my shopping trips and hopefully once you see what I mean, it will help you too.

Living in the Southeast, my favorite store to coupon at is Publix. When I first moved down here, one of the first things I did was head to my closest Publix to check it out. Camera and notepad in hand, I jotted down a few things and took photos, in order, of all the aisle categories. I found a supervisor and asked what competitor coupons they took, where they kept the coupon booklets that came in, how & where they keep the clearance items, and things like that. Then I took all my information and went home, without buying a thing.

Creating the Store Plan

One thing you’ll learn about me is I am a planner and I am all about the spreadsheet. I took my photos of the aisle categories and input the information into a spreadsheet. When I’m creating my shopping list (which I do on a spreadsheet of course), I put the aisle # I’m going to find the item in, in the first column. When I’m finished with my list, I sort it by aisle so I can just scoot down the lanes, grab what I need and get out. No more going from aisle #2 to aisle #10 and back to #3 because I forget where things are. My store plan has been a big help with that.Know Your Store Plan 2

The other information I gathered is all typed up nicely and attached to the front of my Publix Store Policy, which I keep in the Store Policy section of my coupon binder for easy reference. Of course I have most of this stuff memorized by now, but without my initial store plan to help me plan my shopping trips, it would probably still be taking me twice as long to shop as it should.

My Store Plan for Each One is Complete

By now I have a store plan for all the stores I regularly shop & coupon at. I started with my favorite and went on from there as I had time. Even if you’ve been shopping at your favorite stores forever now, it still might help to at least create a store plan of the aisle categories. I bet you go from aisle to aisle on occasion, forgetting where things are too. You don’t have to use spreadsheets, you could just keep a master list and categorize your shopping trips by aisle instead of by how you do it now. Let me know how it works out for you.

Until next time, Shop Efficiently!

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