Coupon Policy – Knowing it Helps! ~ A WizKid’s Story

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How Having the Coupon Policy Helps

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Do you have the coupon policy of each store you shop at? I am so thrilled when I hear stories of how one overcomes issues with troubles in stores caused by using coupons. There are so many times when we know we are in the right, but because of uninformed cashiers, and management (shocking, I know), we don’t win. Check out this great story by Wiz Kid Bridget and how she persevered when she knew she was right.

Coupon Policy Confusion at Walmart

I had a rather rude and disheartening experience at Walmart  last night that I wanted to share with you. We promote honest and legitimate couponing and unfortunately sometimes we have to teach stores and their managers their own coupon policies, which is exactly what I had to do last night. I attempted to use 8  – $1.50 Iams canned dog food coupons —the price of that dog food at Walmart is $1.28. Per the P&G coupon rules, I only used 4 coupons per transaction and did 2 transactions to allow me to use all 8 coupons. The first transaction went fine as the overage of those 4 coupons went towards my other purchases in my cart (meaning that I had .51 overage from purchasing the 4 cans of dog food and using the $1.50 coupons on each can was deducted from grocery bill).

The next 4 cans were scanned in their own transaction with nothing else. The cashier proceeds to get rather rude and told me that Walmart cannot give me cash back—since the coupons exceed my purchase. She was adamant that she was right and I was wrong—I was adamant that I was right and she was wrong. In the meantime I had a very impatient customer behind me in line. Both the cashier and I were getting rather ugly with each other so I decided that this was not the right time to continue this conversation and added a bottle of water to my order to bring my balance to me owing $o.75.

Who Won this Argument?

I got home and decided to call and speak with a manager regarding the Walmart policy. I spoke with John, the assistant manager, and explained what happened and that I wanted some clarification on their coupon policy, as according to their corporate policy, it states that Walmart gives customers cash back if their coupons exceed their purchase price. He proceeds to tell me that he does not believe that Walmart gives cash back, but would check into it and give me a call back. Wow!

I received a call back from him at 11:10 pm last night—and indeed I was correct. Walmart does give cash back if your coupons exceed the purchase price. He apologized for the confusion, thanked him for teaching him something new about the store the he works for, promised that he would talk with this cashier and all the other cashiers about this policy and hoped that I would continue to shop at his store. I was not upset about not getting the .51 overage from the dog food. I was upset that I was treated badly by their staff for using coupons and using them correctly and that their own managers/employees don’t understand/read their own store policies.

Moral of the story—if you are using your coupons correctly, and following the coupon policy to the letter, please stand up for yourself and educate these stores. Thank you Bridget! We are so glad that you stood up for yourself, and helped others in the process! Way to go, Wiz Kid!

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