Lawn mower repairs can be costly. Do It Yourself and Save!

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Lawn mower repairs can be costly. Doing the work yourself can save you hundreds!

The grass is growing, the trees are budding, spring has sprung! Along with the warmer weather and the green lawn comes the maintenance of your lawn care equipment. Just like everything else, proper maintenance will prolong the life of your lawn mower. Normally, my husband takes care of the oil changes, blade sharpenings, and all that jazz. I just put gas in the mower and go. Anything beyond that, and I am pretty clueless. Well, my husband is now working a 12 hour night shift that leaves him with very little time to get things done. I decided I would just call the repair shop and have them tune up our lawn mower to take that off of his honey-do list.

When I called to set up the appointment they told me they wouldn’t be able to get it in for a few days.lawn mower I asked my husband if it was ok to use the lawn mower before then and he said it would be fine. This is when everything went wrong. The mower wouldn’t start, so I put the charger on it and barely got it to start later that day. When I went out to mow, I turned on the blades and I thought an earth quake hit! It was banging and shaking like crazy! I shut it off, put it back in the barn, and called my husband. He said call the repair shop. They came to pick it up that afternoon but said it would be a few days before they could look at it. When they finally called me to tell me what was wrong, I almost fell over! The starter was bad, the battery was shot, the deck belt was bad, it needed new blades and a tune up.

Then they told me how much it would cost, almost $600! When I asked why it was so high, they told me it was because of the type of lawn mower I have. It’s a zero-turn industrial mower with a joy stick for steering. I knew there had to be a cheaper way to fix it. So what does a frugal minded person do? I hit up Google! After learning a few things, I figured out that I could do most of the work myself. I had them replace the starter and the rest I would take care of. With an hour or two of research, an hour of chasing down parts, and about 2 hours of work, I was able to take that $600 repair bill down to less than $300!

For maybe 6 hours of my time, I was able to save over $300. That works out to over $50 an hour that I basically paid myself to do the work. So the next time you have a repair that is going to be costly, do some research and see if it may be something you could do yourself.


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