Little Johnny Jump Up Boots

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During Christmas I blogged on an inexpensive way to take little Johnny’s cowboy boots or little Sissy’s rain boots that they’ve outgrown and turn them into cute flower pot gifts for Grandma and Grandpa.  So what happened to little Johnny’s cowboy boots since Christmas? They are transforming because of what I planted in them in December and will to continue to do so in the coming seasons .

If you recall we drilled holes at the bottom of the boot close to the toes for drainage and put small stones at the toes before filling with dirt.  Do you remember what we put in before we planted the cute bright yellow little Johnny jump-ups?  We put bulbs in each!  Now that spring is here the bulbs have sprung squeezing the yellow Johnny Jump Ups out (that’s o.k. we’ll get them back eventually).  The whole concept of layering your planters is to keep flowers coming season after season and always looking fresh.

Another idea is to forego flowers and use green plants as shown above or even create a cactus garden. If you don’t have any boots on hand you can usually find them at thrift stores pretty easily or ask your friends, family or neighbors if they have any shoes or boots they don’t want. A favorite pair of high heels that you have worn out can be turned into a fun planter or gift for a girlfriend who adores shoes or a single child sized rain boot would make an adorable teachers gift.

So whomever you gave the cowboy boots to, grandma, yourself  or a friend they will probably have something like my own little cowboy boots.  Right now I have simple beautiful Iris’s beginning to bloom  while the  Johnny jump-ups are starting to die out and one boot has an orange prim rose beginning to peek out.  I wonder whats going to surprise us come summer?  You’ll have to tune in and see.  In the mean time, when you plan your own planter small or large, plan in dimension by keeping the tallest plant in the center.

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