Make Your Own Planters From Plastic Bottles

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DIY Planters

Planters DIY

When we think about recycling it usually involves setting items at the curb to be hauled off, why not repurpose what you have on hand and turn it into something beautiful that you can enjoy everyday or give as a gift? Reusing what we consider to be trash is not only Earth friendly but very cost effective for us as well.

Materials needed for this Planters project:
  1. Glue gun & glue stick
  2. 1 Bag Cinnamon sticks from Michael’s cut in half.  Don’t be perfect!!!
  3. Cranberry’s from store or berries collected from neighboring plants
  4. Bark chips (mulch), twigs and acorns
  5. Duck tape purchased at Michaels in multiple colors
  6. 1 gal. sq. plastic used water bottle or plastic milk carton
  7. Utility knife
  8. Protect surface
  9. Flower plant from your yard, clip plant from neighbors or purchased at store.

You can do this for as little as $5.00 dollars or less. You’ll not only recycle a plastic bottle but you’ll be using the beautiful freebies that Mother Nature has gifted to your surroundings. This is also a great project to make with your kids or to give as an inexpensive gift that looks anything but inexpensive.

  • Using your utility knife working over a protective work surface, you will want to cut bottle at approx 4” high.
  • Cover the top cut edge of water bottle with strip of duck tape then proceed with gluing the  materials of  your choice.
  • Add you plants, water and enjoy!

Note: this can either be a pot cover so you can switch with alternate potted plants or a pot itself.   If you put dirt directly inside make sure to have a couple pieces of gravel and a hole in the bottom for drainage.

Another idea for re-purposing plastic bottles is to use the 12-16 oz size bottles, cut the bottle in half, poke a hole in the bottom for drainage and use to start seeds for your garden or left whole and used in the bottom of your larger posts to aid in draining. They also fill up some room so you don’t have to use as much dirt and don’t weigh the pots down like rocks will do. Look around at what you have on hand and be creative on re-purposing it.

Happy Gardening ~ ~Valerie

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