Manage Your Time with My Favorite Way

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How Do You Manage Your Time?

Manage Your Time with a Planner

When someone asks me what’s the best way to manage your time, I always respond, a full-sized, 9 x 11, planner! I’ve tried keeping my to-dos and appointments on my phone, the computer, my online calendar, etc., but with me, there’s just something about a paper planner. When I write it down, it stays in my brain. Although my planner is open every day, having my to dos in my brain as well, helps me a lot.

What Method Works Best for You?

I actually do use other methods somewhat. I use my online calendar, which syncs to my phone and Alexa app and vice-a-versa, but I only put in appointments, events and very important tasks I need to accomplish. This way, when I’m out and about, if I need to check my calendar for scheduled appointments/events for some reason, because I have it on my phone, I don’t need to wait until I get home or carry my bulky planner with me. I also have a “fridge calendar,” but that’s mostly for my husband. That mainly has upcoming appointments & events. I can also take a quick look at what’s on the agenda for the month without opening my phone or planner.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t that kind of redundant? Well yes, it is, but it’s what works for me. I’ve tried just my phone. I’ve tried just my planner, but each has its downfall. I’ve even tried pocket planners, to carry in my purse, trying to cut out the redundancy, but they’re just way too small for me. I like room to write, take notes, etc. Plus, I like to see my whole week at a glance. In my photo above, you’ll notice that I have a paper clip. That’s to mark the current week for when I close my planner. I also use that to display my “to-do quadrant list,” but that’s for another post.

You Don’t Need to Keep Work Separate to Manage Your Time

What you won’t notice in my planner is work assignments. I keep that separate, but you don’t have to. Many use printable planner pages from online sites to compile and make their customized planner. After downloading, they might convert the file to a more printable version using reliable software (like, following which it is made into a separate diary/planner for themselves. There is, however, a reason I keep work independent from household tasks & appointments, but I’ll explain that more fully another day. My main reason is because my work is ever changing and it’s just easier to keep my work tasks on a spreadsheet on my computer to easily change them, sort them, schedule them, etc. If I don’t have something scheduled in my planner though, you can almost guarantee that I’m working one of my jobs.

Last but not least, the wonderful check mark! I check everything off as it’s done. When you manage your time, it helps to have a barometer of how your day is progressing. Checking everything off gives me a sense of accomplishment. I love feeling accomplished! Some people cross off. That works too. I just don’t like to obscure my writing; in case I need to check back on the last time something was done or an appointment that was scheduled. Whatever works for you, just do it. Start to manage your time and you’ll begin to see where it all goes. Then you can make changes as necessary.

Happy planning!
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