Cleaning Challenge – Master Bedroom Part 2

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Wizard Cleaning Challenge

As you might have guessed, this particular Cleaning Challenge is a big one, which is why I’ve been breaking it up for the last few weeks. At the beginning, we started instituting our new Master Bedroom Rules. You have been following your new rules, right? If not, go back and read The Master Bedroom is Your Sanctuary now. The rules are very important or I promise you, you will find yourself back in the same place you started before long! You will be doing today’s Cleaning Challenge for more time than you should have to.

Last week we got rid of the clutter in that room so you should be able to clean it this week with ease. If it takes you longer than an hour to run through this room, you’re either not following the rules or you have some more weeding out of clutter to do. Remember, the Master Bedroom is your sanctuary from the trials & tribulations of your day. You MUST have a place to retreat to when you’re working on the rest of the rooms of the house.  If you haven’t even started on the clutter yet, go back and read the Master Bedroom Cleaning Challenge from last week. Once you’ve caught up, you can come back and hit up today’s Cleaning Challenge.

How to Perform a Cleaning Challenge

master bedroom cleaning challengeThis isn’t a post about how to clean. We all have our favorite products and we all have our favorite cleaning methods. I’m not about to tell you how to clean. An expert in cleaning I am not. An expert in doing a Cleaning Challenge I am though because as mentioned last week, I’m a big proponent of The Fly Lady. If you’re not familiar with her, visit the Fly Lady’s website sometime or pick up her book, Sink Reflections. She has taught me a lot over the years and much of what I know, I learned from her. Plus she’s very humorous and makes cleaning almost kind of fun.

What I will do, however, is give you a couple pointers that I’ve learned over the years for making cleaning a snap. I will never love cleaning, but doing a Cleaning Challenge, somehow makes it fun; especially when you set a timer and make a game of it. Oops, I just blurted out one of my pointers. OK, so here they are in numerical fashion:

Pointers for Making a Cleaning Challenge a Snap

1) Left to right, top to bottom. The easiest way to breeze through a room without leaving out a step is to start at the top on the left-hand side of the room. Begin your Cleaning Challenge with the crown molding & baseboards and your duster/vacuum. Ceiling to floor, ceiling to floor, moving from left to right until all the walls & molding are dusted. If you haven’t cleaned in a while, grab a damp rag and a stepstool and wipe down next; top to bottom, left to right. Then move on to dusting furniture, or whatever you like to do next, in the same fashion. Continue on to whatever you do when you clean this room, but always moving around in the same way. You’ll never forget a step again.

2) Carry a bag for trash and a box for clutter. I probably look pretty weird, but I’ll have a trash bag on one side of me and a box on the other as I move about my room. Reason being is you’re always going to find something to throw away and something to put away somewhere else as you clean. Clutter always finds its way to you and you have to be prepared to take care of it on the spot so you don’t get sidetracked.

3) Make a game of it by setting a timer. I am a creature of habit and I’ll admit it, I have a bad one. It’s called pressure. I always seem to do my best when I’m stressed. Weird I know, but hey, that’s who I am. Even if you don’t have this habit like I do, I bet you still like to compete. Set your timer for 15 minutes or a half an hour and see how much you can get done. As you do another Cleaning Challenge, try to beat your best last time. Before you know it, the house will be done because you’ve made it fun.

master bedroom cleaning challengeThere you have it. Michele’s little pointers for your own Master Bedroom Cleaning Challenge. Take these tips and use them in every room as you clean. Maybe you have your own suggestions for making cleaning a snap? I’d love to hear about them. I’m always looking for a better way and you never know, your tip may just be highlighted in an upcoming post. Leave a comment at the bottom and share what you know so everyone can learn. Now, it’s off to the Master Bedroom with me!

Until next time, Clean Happy
~ Michele

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