Cleaning Challenge in the Master Bedroom

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Wizard Cleaning ChallengeThe Master Bedroom Cleaning Challenge for today will be more like an “organizing challenge” and may be a big one for some of you so we’ll have to break it down a bit. If you read my last article, The Master Bedroom Is Your Sanctuary, you already know that I’m a firm believer in taking care of this room first. You have to have a room to escape to when everything else in the house seems out of control. Not to mention, if you are a parent, how can you expect your kids to clean up their rooms, when yours is a disaster? Doesn’t set a very good example, right? First off, let’s briefly revisit the rules I asked you to start establishing a couple weeks ago:

Rules for the Master Bedroom

Rule #1 – The only people allowed in the Master Bedroom, without prior permission, are the people that the room belongs to.
Rule #2 – The only items allowed in the bedroom are bedroom-type items.
Rule #3 – No work will be performed in the Master Bedroom.
Rule #4 – The Master Bedroom is not the kitchen or dining area.
Rule #5 – When it comes time to clean and/or organize the house, start with the Master Bedroom.

Have you instituted any of these rules yet? If not, what are you waiting for? If you need to review, or never read the full write-up on the rules, go back and read them now. Then come back and join us for today’s Cleaning Challenge. You can start to implement the rules as you get this room in order.

Today’s Cleaning Challenge is to now start organizing this room. Hopefully you’ve at least taken out the items from Rule #2 that does not belong in this room. The next step is to go back through the items you DO think belong in this room and find each of them a home, but first, we’re going to make the bed. Don’t groan, trust me on this one. The room takes on a whole different look when the bed is made. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Today’s Step in the Master Bedroom Cleaning ChallengeMaster Bedroom Cleaning Challenge

Bed made? OK, now grab yourself a box. Go around the room and pick up an item that just seems to be lying around and ask yourself, “Does this really belong here?” Some are easy. Dirty clothes? Put them in the hamper. Stray makeup? Put it in your makeup drawer or box. Dirty dishes? Tsk, tsk (see Rule #4), but at any rate, take them to the kitchen. You get what I’m saying. As you travel around the bedroom, if you come across something that doesn’t belong there, toss it in the box. It would also help to have a trash bag near by as well. Toss the garbage; and do it quickly, before you change your mind on some of it. If you haven’t used it in a while, and don’t see yourself utilizing it in the near future, toss it in the trash.

If you come across something you’re not sure of, ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this in the Master Bedroom?” Better yet, “When was the last time I used this at all?” If it’s not something you use, but rather a knick knack of some sort, ask yourself, “Does this really enhance this room? Am I bored of it? Would it perhaps look better somewhere else?” If you decide it doesn’t belong here, toss it in the box. If you decide to keep it in this room, find it a home.

Keep going around the room doing this until all the stray items are either gone or put back where they belong in this room. Now look around the room. Doesn’t that look better after just this one Cleaning Challenge? I bet you’re already starting to love your room again. The bed is made and there’s nothing left just lying around. Next week we’ll get this room scrubbed clean. In the meantime, you’re not quite done.

What to Do with a Now Full Box

Master Bedroom Cleaning ChallengeThat box you were putting all the stray items into? Now you have to empty it. I’m just kidding with the garbage truck, but hopefully you have a few things for the trash. At any rate, don’t leave it for another day or you’ll never unload it. Do it now. Empty the box onto a flat surface and break it down by the room you will put each item in. For example, all the laundry room stuff together, all the stuff that belongs back in the kids’ rooms together, etc. Once you have everything categorized, you can easily visit each room, with its coordinating pile, and put everything back where it belongs.

The next time you find something gravitating back to the Master Bedroom, put it back in the room it belongs in when you’re finished with it. If it’s something that never should go there to begin with (see Rules above) force yourself to follow the rules. Utilize the item in the room it should be utilized in and then put it back when you’re finished. Train yourself to follow the rules and you’ll never have to go through this particular Cleaning Challenge in the Master Bedroom ever again.

Ever Hear of The Fly Lady?

As mentioned, our Cleaning Challenge next week will be to actually clean this room, but now that it’s organized, that will be so much easier. If your master bedroom is a disaster area, this weeding out might take a couple sessions, but that’s OK. Do it at a pace that’s good for you. If you’ve ever heard of The Fly Lady, she recommends doing clean-outs like this in 15 minute increments. Personally, I’m an all or nothing kind of person, but if the 15 minute increments would work best for you, go ahead and do it that way until you’re finished in this room.

Incidentally, I love, love The Fly Lady. If you’re familiar with her at all, I get a lot of my cleaning and organizing tips for from her, as I’m sure you’ll see in almost every Cleaning Challenge. My absolute favorite cleaning/organizing book is Sink Reflections, by Marla Cilley, aka, The Fly Lady. If you never have, check out her website and her book. It will change how you clean and organize your house. It did for me.

Until next time, um, Clean Happy? ~ Michele

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