Melissa’s Magical Clearance Score!!

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My Magical Clearance Finds

Clearance trip

5 Gillette Fusion Gift Sets, 6 Axe Gift Sets, 6 Hershey Pot Of Gold Sets, 6 Rocher sets, 4 Glade Candles, 2 Skittles Tubes, 2 Life Savers Tubes, 2 Tootsie Roll tubes, 2 Starburst Tubes, 6 Ghiradelli Bags, 4 Colgate Kids sets, 6 Glimmer Body Wash.

Oh Wiz Kidz!  I have to tell you, first off, that this morning I had not clipped any coupons for about 3 weeks, due to the craziness of the holidays.  I was not going to do this, but as I was reading all of your comments on clearance shopping, you gave me the fever (aside from my literal fever of 101.3)! I was up at 6 a.m., headed to my stack of inserts that practically had dust on them, and headed to the Coupon Database.

Using the Coupon Database

Seriously, the coupon database is my saving grace! Now that I use the database, I rarely look at store match-ups because it’s so easy to find what I need!  I entered words like “AXE,” “Gillette,” “Lifesaver,” “Starburst,” “Glade,” etc. and each time they came up with coupons from all inserts that I had not even touched. So after my huge stack was clipped, my sweet hubby had finally emerged from his long winters nap and was totally thrilled that I asked (told) him that we were going to Walmart for Christmas clearance; ACK.  But, being the loving, money saving Coupon BodyGuard that he is, he said “Yes, Dear” 🙂

Bring A Friend When Clearance Shopping

I gave him the low down in the van on the way. I told him that we were in search of AXE Gift Sets (I have two little boys who are GAGA over AXE.  It makes them feel like big boys to use the bath gel and shampoo!), Gillette Gift Sets for my brother and father, and of course CHOCOLATE!!! I only eat the good stuff! Ghiradelli and the Hershey’s Pot of Gold sets are wonderful for when I have my church group over for our monthly discussions at my home, or for fun crops where we scrapbook and drink wine.

Into Walmart we went… I was really surprised that it was not as busy at I thought it would be, and I announced to the universe that I would find AXE Gift Sets ( I was nervous from all of the Wiz Kids posts that there were none!) and yummy chocolate. And I did!  Among several other things!

My Total Savings

My beginning balance would have been $178.50, but after all coupons and 50%  Clearance Sale, my total was only $58.58, a savings of $119.92!!  AND I needed a Managers approval since I was saving more than I was spending. Serious coupon magic. This is how you make Clearance sales work for you!!

(*A few things you need to know…..I had a few coupons that expired yesterday. I located a manager from Walmart, asked them if it was possible for  me to use these coupons, and he approved it.  He told me that they submit coupons in “batches’, and they were “not ready to submit yet.”  In order for you to do this, you must have it approved)

All in all, I’m thrilled with this haul. I hope that you all scored as big, and if not, know that when you follow us, the Coupon Wizards, you will learn how to do this. And now, it’s time for wine 🙂 xoxoxoxox ~ Wizard Melissa

Christmas clearance

What did you score today at the stores??


  1. I also found that if you asked a manager if you could use coupons that expire on xmas a day late since no one is open (but Walgreens). I have a favorite manager that has no problem.

  2. YES!!! If you take the time to locate one, and ask if it’s ok, 99% of the time they will approve. Since they submit in “batches” and they may not submit until the first week of JANUARY, it may be ok! JUST ASK!

  3. ugh i wish i had gone to Walmart instead of Target…maybe tomorrow…

  4. Can you tell me which Gillette $5 coupon you used?

  5. Angela Sharp says

    I just wondering. Just because the manager said it’s ok does that make it right? Isn’t that still fraud of some sort? It expires on the 25thh because the companies don’t want you to use both the sale and the clearance? Maybe i’m not seeing it right?

  6. That is a great tip! Thank or shaing!

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