Military Blues: Complaint Department!

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Complaint Department – Military Blues
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Complaining Kitty

Life as a military wife, has never been easy for me. If you have followed this Military Blues series, you have seen some insight into my role. If you haven’t, be sure to check out past articles that I will link below. I also would like to apologize to my fans for being estranged. Life has been a whirlwind to say the least. I vow to you all, here and now, that you will be seeing more of me! For today, I have decided to give you some more insight into my little world, with more to come in the following weeks.

I think that many military spouses tend to lose themselves in this world we live in. I have been reading some spouse “support” pages on Facebook recently and they all seem to have one thing in common – drama! We can’t all be judgmental prudes can we? Now, I know that is not who we all are, there are many who love to feed the fire out of boredom I suppose. It just seems like many of our spouses all have something to say. Let’s face it ladies and gents, we are not very nice about most of our comments.

Accept What You Cannot Change

I am finding that what is bothering me the most lately is this constant need to complain about our spouse’s career. These military blues periods mean we blame our services for pretty much everything that goes wrong in our lives. (Just so you all know, I have been totally guilty of this exact thing.) Really though, that is just how that cookie was meant to crumble. I often wonder, what would happen, ┬áif we spent less time complaining and more time accepting things for what they are.

As military spouses, we either married a service member, or made the collaborative decision for one of us to enter into the military. There are many things they don’t tell you when you join up, and we find out the hard way. However, there are many things that is totally common knowledge about the military. We don’t have choices, there are no real options. Let’s face it, what options we do have are very limited. Sometimes, this means it is Option A (which equals bird poop.) or Option B (cow poop). Always taking the lesser of two evils, naturally. Sometimes our members are lucky and score their dream jobs. If your soldier is one, kudos to you guys! I am still waiting for that day, 12 years later! So people, since I am in a proclamation mood, today, I say to you and every one you know. From now on let’s accept the things we can not change, and stop complaining! But then again, maybe we wouldn’t really have anything to say!

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