Military Blues: Confined

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Military Blues

military blues

Do you have the military blues? Sometimes I just don’t feel like leaving my house. Scratch that. I don’t want to leave my house. Normally, I am a very active person. I enjoy getting out and about and living life to my afforded potential. I say afforded potential because, let’s face it, I am not a gazillionaire. To do all the things on my bucket list, I need that much at least. I just don’t want to go anywhere for anything.

Military Blues Confinement

My children have play time with their friends in the neighborhood. I have my weekly therapy visits and coffee time with a great friend of mine. It is just becoming a horrible chore for me to leave the confines of my dwelling. I guess this is a part of the seeming depression people keep telling me about. Really though, I just don’t feel depressed. I do have sadness and I miss my spouse terribly while he is on deployment. However, it isn’t anything new in our lives. So why the heck am I confining myself to my house? My rationalization?

I’m Exhausted While Productive

I spend a vast majority of my days living tired, living the military blues. Physically and mentally exhausted. My brain runs a seeming thousand miles a minute. All the while, my body is moving slower than molasses in January. Between my stockpile and pizza delivery I haven’t had to do much shopping for quite some time. Which in my case is good, since I don’t want to go anywhere. Can I really call myself a couch potato when I am still being productive around the house?

Do you feel this way when your spouse is deployed? What suggestions would you have for a military spouse on their first or second deployment to make it easier?


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  1. I have found that with out hubby I have zero desire to do anything. I think it’s because I have spent so much time doing things for and because of him I feel lost. Im not sad just lost in day to day life.

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