Military Blues: Illness

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The Military Blues & Illness

Military Blues Sickness

One of the worst times in a military spouse’s life is when one of the household is sick. In my opinion, the saddest of all military blues when the babies are sick. Poor things just can’t help themselves. Your spouse being sick is horrible too. It makes carrying the weight that much harder when one of you is down. No matter your household dynamic, having sickness run through your house makes life more challenging.

What do you do though, when the sickness hits you? I fully admit that I am the world’s biggest baby when I am sick. I am needy and just want to sleep and have my world taken care of for me. However, when your spouse is gone, and your support system can’t chance disease, what do you do?

The Sick Military Blues

Well, I cry. I cried my eyes out while I had supremely bad bronchitis last week. I must say, it sure did not make me physically feel any better. However, I really felt my own personal pity party was needed to maintain whatever shred of sanity I still possessed. Sometimes I think we all need to have our own, in the privacy of your bathroom, pity parties.

Go have a sob, scream a little, or do none and spend 10 minutes feeling sorry for yourself. You would be amazed at how better just doing that alone will make you feel. Besides, your friends and family, like mine, will thank you in the end for excluding them from your whine fest. I know that seems a little harsh to say but, think of it this way. Most people don’t want to coddle anyone but their children. I know, I don’t. Do onto others right? Stayed tuned for the next installment of the military blues.


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