Military Blues Special Edition: Remembering 9/11

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Military Blues & 9-11

military bluesMajor military blues today. This day marks the 11th anniversary of one of the most significant events in American history. This day marks us all in many different ways. To me and many military families, 9/11 carries for us, a reminder.

This is my story. On September 11, 2001, my husband was on leave. Our first born was 4 months old, and my mother in-law was visiting from out of town. I remember waking up at around 10 am, thinking, wow I slept so good! Then realizing that I hadn’t breast fed the entire night, which brought it’s own set of problems. My husband got out of bed and left our room before I did. As I was putting my hand on the doorknob, the door flung open. My husband’s face held a look of terror and yet excitement. (Note: I am not saying he was actually excited.) He blurted out to me, “We are under attack!”

I was honestly confused and still a bit groggy. I went to the TV where my mother in-law had been glued to since before the tragedy started. She was in a state of shock and panic as she told us about the people jumping from the buildings. About the planes hitting, and the speculative stories being reported. My husband and I just stood there as we watched replays of the events. We had nothing to say at that point. His mom was asking questions, but we just stood there. Shocked.

These Military Blues Mean Deployment?

I remember looking at my husband and asking him, “Do you have to leave?” He looked at me and said, “I don’t know.” Now you have to understand that at the time my husband was an instructor in the Navy, he was also on leave. He contacted his command, they told him to stay home. I was grateful for the relief that news had brought to me. All there was left to do was, watch.

Many service members found themselves stuck on their bases that day. Not sure when they would be able to come home, waiting for an order to drop from the top of the chain of command. Many people don’t understand that even though you are trained and ready to go to war at any moment, nothing can really prepare you for it. The events of this day, we weren’t prepared for. Everyday, Military members and first responders all over our country are now prepared. It is their lives we put on the line, every time they walk out the door.

Give All You Can Whenever You Can

It isn’t just on this day that we should feel the sense of community that many of us felt as a nation. It isn’t just on this day that we should thank our first responders. Shake hands with a police officer, even when he is giving us a ticket. Bring a firehouse a box of donations. Give a thumbs up to the paramedic as they drive by. (Note: Only with lights off!) Thank the soldiers and sailors all over the world everyday. Donate to that charity. Give some of your time. Send that box that is overflowing full of coupons to that base overseas. Just do something, something that shows you don’t just think of all those lives we lost on one day. Or how many we have lost since the start of this new war. But about how you, a Proud American, can honor all of them every day, in even the smallest ways.

Today and everyday, I will tell my husband that I love him. I will smile to those unsmiling. I will give when I can. September 11, 2001 marks a day where terrorists tried to take away our pride, take away our security and destroy the fabric of our lives. I look back and see a re-birth of community. Neighbors helping neighbors and commonality in us all. That fire that burned deep inside our eyes, and the willingness to fight to keep our dreams alive. The military blues couldn’t be more prevalent, than they are today.


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