Miserable Cashier & How to Deal with Them

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Dealing with a Miserable Cashier

Miserable CashierHow many times have you compiled your list, clipped your coupons, merrily made your way into the store, filled your cart with glee and made it to the register happy as a lark to be raking in the savings, only to be confronted with a miserable cashier when you hand them your coupons? Do you let it get you down? Ruin your happy moment? I used to let that happen to me and then I learned a lesson; you make your own happiness, you can’t control theirs. That goes for a miserable cashier too!

Smile Your Biggest Smile

Here are a couple tips to hopefully make your transaction go smoother when confronted by a miserable cashier. First of all, don’t get an attitude yourself. It can be hard when someone is “copping a tude” with you, not to cop one yourself but it only makes it worse. Tension begets tension and it snowballs out of control. Just smile your biggest smile possible and remember how much you’re going to save. Your smile might actually be just enough to make your miserable cashier come around.

Listen to their Complaints

Miserable Cashier ComplaintsIf they’re mumbling something about your coupons, try and get a listen as to what they’re saying. They may just be under a wrong impression about coupons. If they say you’re costing the store money, explain how they actually make the store money by bringing in more business and about the handling fees they get for each coupon, etc. If they just don’t like dealing with them, ask how you could make it easier? Could you organize them in some way, hand them in first, hand them in last, and so on. You get the picture. Try to help.

Share the Wealth

Finally, when all else fails, if you got a really good deal on something, try sharing a couple of your spare coupons with said miserable cashier. Tell them, “Here, I got a really good deal on such and such. Have a couple of my extra coupons and do the deal yourself.” This almost never fails me, but sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t win. Don’t worry about it. Remember, you can’t control other people. Just put on your own smile. Don’t get down, just coupon on!

Until next time, Shop Happy!

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