Multiple Grocery Store Publix Transaction Breakdown

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I Saved 80% On a Multiple Grocery Store Trip

multiple grocery store trip

I had to make a multiple grocery store trip today. Some stores have restrictions on coupons such as how many you can use in one transaction and some stores would rather move you through the line quickly. You can still get what you need and use all of your coupons it just take a few extra minutes on your end. Publix accepts competitors coupons, but allow only one Enjoy the City $5/30 Winn Dixie coupon I planned on using. I ended up having to do separate transactions, at 3 stores, to get everything on my list. Below is an easy method that works for me. I hope you find it helpful.

multiple grocery store trip

I scan the store matchup, write down what I want and how many of each along with the corresponding coupons and I print coupons if there are any for that trip. I try to get each transaction as close to $30.00 as I can. I then clip the coupons together for each transaction. I take additional coupons to use as a backup plan if needed, see below.


How I Organize a Multiple Store Grocery Trip
  1. Group each transaction together on paper, include how many of each item, total cost before coupons and your expected out of pocket cost. This helps you stay on track in the store and any discrepancy will stand out to you so you can fix it on the spot.
  2. Clip coupons together for each transaction separately.
  3. Use smaller baskets in your cart to separate transactions.
  4. Pay attention to prices at the store. Something may be different than you expected.
  5. Always have a backup plan. The stores may be out of something so I take coupons for filler items just in case I need to bring my total back up where it needs to be. Produce, milk, etc., are also good filler items if you need them anyway.
  6. Being organized from start to finish is the key to a successful and affordable shopping trip.

Publix 1/6/14 Total value $238.72 … Paid $47.79 … Saved $190.93 … 80% savings

Transaction #1

4 Beggin Strips,  BOGO $7.39

4 Busy Bone,  not on sale $3.79 ea

  • Used (4) Buy 1 Beggin Strips get 1 Busy Bone free 1/26 RP
  • Used (1) $5/30 Enjoy the City coupon

Value $44.72 … paid $10.18

Transaction #2

Same as transaction #1

Value $44.72 … paid $10.18

Transaction #3

8 Dove body wash for men, on sale $3.99 ea

  • Used (4) Publix Health and Beauty Advantage flyer coupon $2/2, found at front of store
  • Used (8) $2/1 MQ,  1/26 RP
  • Used (1) $5/30 Enjoy the City coupon

Value $39.92 … paid $2.92

Transaction #4

8 Wisk detergent, on sale BOGO $6.39

  • Used 4 $3/2 MQ, 1/26 RP

8 Hefty Baggies, on sale $2/3

  • Used (8) $.50/1 Target printable
  • Used (4) $1.25/2 MQ,  1/5 RP
  • Used (1) $5/30 Enjoy the City coupon

Value $68.04 … paid $11.96

Transaction #5

4 Cream of Wheat, not on sale $3.99

  • Used (4) Publix $1/1 store coupon, Healthy Savings coupon booklet found in store
  • Used (4) $.50/1 MQ, 1/12 SS

2 Beggin Strips,  BOGO $7.39

2 Busy Bone,  not on sale $3.79 ea

  • Used (2) Buy 1 Beggin Strips get 1 Busy Bone free 1/26 RP
  • Used (1) $5/30 Enjoy the City coupon

Value $38.32 … Paid $12.55


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