Walgreens – My Plan to Save 96%

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WalgreensLast week I showed you one of my Walgreens trips and how I use my Shopping Spreadsheet in conjunction with it. I mentioned to you that I prefer to roll my Register Rewards (RRs) each time I go in rather than using those on purchases I don’t have coupons for or expensive items. This week I’m going to show you what I mean.

The last week, after my 4 transactions during that week, I ended up with $59 in RRs. This week I’ve created my transactions to do in order to roll those RRs into new RRs. I’ll probably do this trip a couple times next week, maybe adding & subtracting some things here and there, until I’ve rolled all my rewards. Because RRs expire within two weeks, that basically gives me 2 weeks to roll them. Meaning I can skip a week if I want, like I did last week, as long as I go ahead and use them that 2nd week, before they expire.

My Planned Trip for Next Week at Walgreens

Below is a screenshot of my spreadsheet I put together today showing exactly how I plan on rolling them. If you notice, I use $20 in RRs to pay for my transaction, but, I’m also earning those $20 in RRs back. That’s what I mean by “rolling.” When I use my RRs, I make sure that I’m making purchases that will “earn” them back. Now this doesn’t work out perfectly each time. Some weeks I’ll be a dollar or two off in one direction or the other, but as long as I break pretty even, I’m happy!

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Possible Glitch

One caveat to my plan though since it IS Walgreens. The Snickers Crème Eggs that are on sale next week at Walgreens for .50 each may not work with my coupons I plan to use. The $1/2 Mars Valentine’s Day candy coupon that I’m seeing in previews is coming out this weekend so I haven’t seen it yet. It may have a size restriction, but I won’t know that until I have it in my hot little hand. That’s the beauty of my spreadsheet though. Just in case I won’t be able to do that one, I took this deal off my spreadsheet to see what I was left with. What I discovered is that the only thing that will have to be adjusted is my item to coupon count. Because I’ll be lacking those 4 items, without the crème eggs, I’ll have 7 coupons and only 5 products. What I’ll have to do is throw in a couple .10 candies to bring my item count to 7 as well. It won’t mess with my out of pocket too much because the crème eggs end up being free (if I can do that) with my coupons, but at least I’ll be prepared either way.

That’s why I like to do everything on my Shopping Spreadsheet before I go out. I can add and subtract things, play around with numbers and just save it when I’ve got what I want. The next step is to check my comments, gather my coupons, print my spreadsheet to use as my list and go. You can check out my full post on how to use the Walgreens tab of my Shopping Spreadsheet here. Let me know what you come up with and if the Shopping Spreadsheet was any help to you. Until then, Shop Happy ~ Michele


  1. Walgreens here I come – love your posts!!!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Walgreens here I come

  3. Love seeing it this way makes me understand it alot better…..Thanks

  4. Love it, thanks!!

  5. looks like a good week to go to walgreens

  6. For me this usually does not work My walgreens will be out of one or two of the things I need it for 🙁

  7. Well it doesnt have a size restriction and Snickers is listed. What is this not to be combined with any other offer..been seeing that recently. Can we use with a store coupon? It already states below one per purchase so why the additional wordage?

  8. reba morris says

    Thanks for all your help.

  9. My hubby will love the free chocolate!

  10. I agree with Paula. My best laid plans are toast when I walk in the door. I then have to wing it. Last night I planned to get Triaminic with $3/1 Qs and get the RR, but they were out. Also, tried to get the Emerald Nuts (to fatten up my skinny dghtr!) which has started on sale today. Saturday evening and they don’t even have any on the shelf for the sale!

    My Walmart Supercenter does not carry alot of things, incl the Emerald brand, so I can’t even price match. 🙁 Maybe Wags will get the Emerald’s on their next truck???

    It is so much fun when trip goes as planned, tho. And I have certainly had many great trips, thanks to the Coupon Wizards!!!

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