Shopping Trip, What to Do When It’s a Bust

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Busted Shopping Trip

shopping trip

You plan your shopping trip, look at the match up and the sales ad, you make your list, clip your coupons and off you go only to discover your plan won’t work. Maybe the store is out of stock, you forgot some coupons or they expired and you didn’t notice or what you thought was on sale really isn’t. There are a number of things that can go wrong. We have all been there on more than one occasion. This happened to me at Publix very recently. I saw an item on sale in a match up for $1.00. I had a store coupon for $1.00 along with a manufactures coupon for $.40 that would have made each item a $.40 money maker for me.

My Planned Shopping Trip Scenario

Buy 12 @ $12.00 and make $4.80 to be absorbed by other items in my cart, plus I counted on this item to bring me to the $30.00 requirement I needed to use a store coupon I had for $5/$30. Not only was the product not on sale, but it was $3.49 each! Now I have to come up with $12.00 in other items to use my $5.00 coupon and I lost my MM. My plan is now seriously busted.

What now?

Stop what you are doing and regroup. When I have money makers on my list, I put those in my cart 1st, then I shop the rest of my list. If there is going to be a shopping trip snag, MM’s are going to be at the top of the list. Luckily I had a few other coupons in my car that I was planing on using for a separate transaction so I went through them and came up with a solution. You see, some of the items were on sale and it was 8 pm on the last day of the sale so time was an issue. I went back in, did the new deal then I went home and came up with a new scenario for the other transaction that I had to break to make the first one work. I had a couple of days to redo that one.

Shopping Trip Questions to Ask

Each trip is different and this particular one involved a MM and minimum requirements. If it was a matter of $2.00, I would have stuck to my original plan, but this was going to set me back a good amount of money and that defeated the purpose of this shopping trip. If I did not have the $5.00 store coupon, I would have bought everything else and left.

Ask yourself some questions. Do I really need the product? Is it worth the price I will have to pay for it? Can I wait for a better deal or can I fix my shopping trip while I am here? In this case, I was buying frozen vegetables I didn’t need, but would use; however, it was not worth the effect it was going to have on my bill.

What have you done to recover from shopping obstacles on the spot?


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  1. If something is not is stock, I regroup and I always have my coupons w/me; but, only get what is going to be the best scenerio and don’t overspend. If it’s not worth it, I don’t get it. It will come around again. I do get rainchecks as much as I can and am allowed. Stores won’t give rainchecks if it’s not in the sales ad, so some items do get missed; but, those are usually the ones that are not a necessity and just merely an incentive in the household so it’s not missed. It will not be the end of the world if I can’t get a deal; but, am glad to be able to forward the coupons to the military overseas. Thankx for another great article.

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