Neighborhood Garage Sale Revelations

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Neighborhood Garage Sales

Neighborhood Garage Sales

Realizing this is the busiest time of year to try and squeeze a weekend neighborhood garage sale into our schedules, we did it anyway. Having a yard sale is a lot of work all in itself, but when you add in helping your neighbors load or unload, you’re jumping back and forth. As we moved unwanted items into the yard, I was seriously questioning the worth of this garage sale, but in the end, the cold hard cash in your hand is most definitely worth it.

As my husband dropped off pieces I want to sell, he brought my 3’ jewelry armoire and the minute it was on the ground I was in shock looking at a gaping hole on the top lid. Keep in mind I was trying to give this thing away for years. But now with a hole in it (one of my husband’s roller stands crashed on it causing the damage), nobody in their right mind would want it, right? Wrong. Within 5 minutes it sold for double the asking price before I saw the damage.

I was surprised at what was selling the fastest, and the things that didn’t sell at all, so here is what I found.

Put an ice chest filled with water and sodas, when people are hopping from one place to the next they get thirsty. Some kid’s moms would let them have sodas and some insisted they drink water. My ice chest still had these items from our pumpkin carve off, so I added ice and more water bottles. We had people coming to our side of the neighborhood just because they heard from another yard that drinks were for sale in my yard. Once in your yard you could make other sales.

My Neighborhood Garage Sale Revelations
  • I previously purchased the most unique gourds and pumpkins from a farm to use for decorations during the pumpkin carve off and another project. Because these unique gourds sold out so fast out at the farms, when I was done with them I sold them for double the price, and the purchaser thought they were still getting a good deal.
  • The uglier, more damaged pieces were the more likely to be sold. Remember that phrase “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure?” This is scary true.
  • People want computer desks & lateral file cabinets.
  • There are lulls in visitation, so always re-arrange your items. I found the same people coming back and they always found something new they didn’t see before.
  • I thought books would be a big seller. Not true. Out of a couple hundred books, I sold three. The rest will go to the library because most are either technical or hardback books.
  • If people are looking for clothing they go to the GD Boutique (Good Will).

Keep in mind you run the risk of purchasing something you see in your neighbor’s yard. So make sure its something you want. I had several neighbors come to my yard and buy things from me and that was o.k.  I had a plan, and buying others’ items was not part of it and that worked great until I sat down to relax and saw a neighbor take an old copper wash tub off his truck. These old wash tubs were used to heat water for bathes, or laundry, etc. Probably worth more if I melted it down, but that’s not going to happen. I see three separate projects utilizing this tub all year round after I get it cleaned up, and honestly I got this for a steal at $15.00.

Wash tub

Even after our yard sale was over I had people coming back asking if I sold something specific they wanted, so I made over $150.00 after the yard sale was over and there is one more lady who wants to buy one of my Cameos this weekend.

All in all it was a pain, a lot of work, but it was well worth it. In fact, I’m already working on getting another neighborhood garage sale for spring as I have a lot of “stuff” that would have sold had it made it from storage to home.

If you have time to pull off a yard sale, just think, it can finance your emergency fund or even your Christmas expenses.

Enjoy~ Gale

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