New Catalina Savings Printer – Java NOT Required

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coupon network

With all the concerns over the recent Java Security Flaws, Coupon Network has started rolling out the new Catalina Savings Printer which should eliminate the Java related print issues previously experienced. The Catalina Savings Printer will be rolled out in waves and initially all Mac users will be upgraded. Over time they expect to have everyone upgraded as the old version will only be supported for a limited period of time. Are you one of the early people to be upgraded? Click on the below image and print a coupon to see if you are prompted to upgrade.

Catalina Savings Printer

With the recent Java issues and companies abandoning the platform as a coupon printer it will be interesting to see if these companies start to migrate to the digital age and allowing your coupons to be saved to your store loyalty cards or imported to your smart phone. The investment is already going on to upgrade their systems so it’s not too far fetched to see another shift in the paradigm. If you don’t think could happen and don’t think all coupons could go digital then read our post on ‘Will Stockpiling Survive for the Long Term?

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