Couponing – No Throat Punching, Today I’ll Make An Exception!

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No Throat Punching While Couponing

Couponing & Throat punchingWe all have bad couponing days and us Wizard’s are not exempt.  I am the original author  of There Is No Throat Punching Allowed In Couponing, but today was close to being the exception. I didn’t hit anyone, I promise, but I have to say I was extremely annoyed today!

Hubby is flying home from Mexico to start his days off and he won’t be home till late tonight. We will really only have one day of the weekend together so I wanted to get everything done before he gets home. I have a very long to do list so I started early. I got up this morning about 7:30 and headed to the gym to work out. Then I was off to The Dollar Tree and Walmart. I had a few things to get at Dollar Tree so I decided to buy a few things with coupons to try it out. I had a total of 6 coupons, and was using 2 of some of the same coupons. I get my items and head to the register.

Item vs. Transaction

The cashier explains she only works one day a week so she doesn’t know yet how to ring the coupons and calls over the manager, understandable. The manager comes over, scrutinizes the coupons, checks for correct items, no expired coupons, etc. Completely understandable. She explains to me that they have to make sure they are taking the coupons for the right items so they get reimbursed. To which I internally giggle, of course she has no idea what I do. So far she and I are on the same page.

She asked if I have read the Dollar Tree Coupon Policy, to which I reply that I had. She then tells me I cannot use more then 1 of the same coupon. I will have to do one coupon then go to the back of the line and do a separate transaction. So I pull up the policy on my phone and reply that it states no more then 2 internet printables per transaction, but I’m not using any printables. So she goes to get the policy. Again completely understandable. She comes back and begins to read it and gets to the point where it states “Only one (1) manufacturer’s coupon will be accepted per item.” So I inform her I am using 1 per item. To which she gets an attitude and rolls her eyes and ask me “Do you understand 1 per item?”  So I politely ask her if she knows the difference between an item and a transaction.

Who Can’t Read Coupons???

She goes on to tell me that all the other people using the coupons have been doing it that way including the woman that earlier used more then 1 of the  buy 3 Reunzits get 3 free. So I explained that according to their policy she should not have taken that coupon since it states “We are unable to accept coupons for “Free” items with no purchase requirements or where the amount for the product is blank.” and the Reunzit coupon does not have an amount, but that still does not mean I have to do more then 1 transaction. The she gets completely irritated with me.

So I tell her just to cancel the transaction, give me my coupons back and I will come back later when she has an opportunity to get educated on their policy, and I go to pick up my coupons. She picks them up and holds them behind her back. This is where I could have throat punched her, but I internally rationalized that I did not save enough money to pay for bail!

She says “You have the right to coupons here” but she is soooo not happy about it, LOL. I tell her “she has the right to be educated by her management on the policy to make sure I’m correct, but since she took the B3G3 coupon she obviously didn’t understand it.” I don’t think she particularly  liked that, but she entered my coupons. Begrudgingly, I must add.

Giving Up on Couponing for the Day

URGH! I called corporate as soon as I got in the car but the customer service department is closed on the weekend so I will be calling Monday. Now, off to Walmart, where I had a few coupons to use. This cashier informs me that I cannot use the $3 Febreeze Noticables coupon because the item is only $2.97. REALLY?!? Did I throw out some bad couponing karma lately?? I ended up being able to use it, but had to go through the whole policy rigmarole again with them. I give up! I’m home and will not be venturing out again today.

I’m so irritated I can’t even muster up the gumption to take pictures and do a shopping trip post! So I’m going to go lose myself in my extremely long to do list.


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  1. So sorry for your day, but Thank The Lord it’s not just my area that has people like that to cause me to want to just knock them out!!

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