Calgon Moment at CVS

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One Wiz Kidz Calgon Moment

Calgon momentSpecial thanks to Lisa Hebert for sending this to me. I did get a good laugh at her expense. Great Calgon Moment!

I know you get a lot of complaint emails, mean emails, etc. Well I thought I would give you a laugh at what happened to me last Sunday! I went from a lump in my throat, to almost in tears, to heart pounding, to laughing! lol Here goes….Enjoy my ummm “experience” lol

So Sunday morning, I go into CVS , I get my Herbal Essenses and my box of Zantac. I am in a hurry and the store is getting busy. Plus we are running late since we still have to go get lunch to take to the in-laws house. I decide I will do this one transaction, then I will stop back later on the way home to do my other 2 transactions. No big deal! We get to the in-laws, I take my reusable tote in the house that has my shampoo and Zantac in it to see if my MIL wants any shampoo. After we eat lunch, she decided she wants deserts from this grocery store down the street. So I think, hmmm CVS is in the parking lot, I will just to to this CVS to finish my transactions now since it looks like it might rain later and after we leave my MIL’s house, we can just go straight home. So, Tim, takes the shampoo and Zantac out of tote, leaves them on the kitchen table so I can use my tote at the 2nd CVS (well I thought he took EVERYTHING out of the tote, lol).

So , I grab my tote and my purse, and off we go to grocery store and CVS. Tim stays in car, I run into CVS, I grab my Dove shampoo and conditioner, I get about 5 feet from register and get my card, list and coupons out and get ready. I grab my tote to give the cashier. Oh NO! My heart jumped up in my chest. Tim forgot to take the Zantac out of the bag! ughhh, What do I do? This looks bad. They are going to think I am trying to steal a box of Zantac. I feel tears in my eyes! What do I say to cashier? So I go to cashier, I tell her my story of being at MIL’s house, shopping at CVS earlier that morning, taking everything out of my bag and my hubby forgot to take the Zantac. I promise I did not steal it! I am pulling out receipts from that day. I find the CVS one from earlier. I say look, here is where I paid for the Zantac. While I am stressing out, this very nice lady cashier is laughing, saying I believe you. I say NO, look, I have the receipt. She tells me (while she is still laughing at me) that only an honest person would go to this much trouble to find a receipt and prove what they are saying. She is laughing, I am stressing out. lol So, the cashier believed me, she also got a good laugh. By the end we were both laughing! At least she believed me, I did not steal anything. I even tell her she can call my MIL to prove my story. She says not necessary, she saw the tears in my eyes at the beginning and just knew when she talked to me I was telling the truth.

Moral to story….Always CHECK before you take a reusable tote into the store. My Calgon moment! Thanks for reading, I had to get that out!

No, thank you Lisa!  I love it when you all share your stories with us.  That’s one of the things that makes this community so great!

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  1. Gale Kelly says

    Oh my Lisa! As David said, thank you for sharing that! It is absolutely hysterical! I can just picture the fear in your eyes…… Of course they believed you…. you are the CVS Queen:):):) Thanks again!~

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