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Online Shopping with Jet

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Have you heard about If not, it’s a fairly new online shopping site. Kind of like Amazon, but mostly geared towards household purchases. You can get everything from toys to cookware to decorations, but they have thousands of items like paper goods, pet supplies, food & beverages & more to choose from. I tried it for the first time today and I’m pretty impressed. I’ll update this post once my first order arrives, but for now I can tell you a little bit about the process and my experiences to date.

The first thing I did was register on their website here. Once I registered, I just started shopping. I knew I was after cat litter. That’s one of the things I try to buy when I’m online shopping. Simply for the fact that it’s heavy and I don’t like having to lug it into the cart at the store, out of the cart to my car, car into the house, etc. It’s brought to my front door, my husband lugs it to the various rooms and I’m done. So I began with a search for Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal cat litter. I found the box I wanted and this is what happens next.

Discounts Available

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I notice there’s a section with a starting price. Underneath that it has a lower price that says “Opt out of free returns.” A second lower price with “if you pay by debit card,” and a third lower price with “if you opt out of free returns AND use a debit card” (See all of these in the pic to the left). I know I won’t return it and I was going to use my debit card anyway so I picked the fourth option. Now instead of $8.15, my price is $8.07, but it gets better.

Below all that is an option for ordering 2 or more. I never only order one box since I have 3 cats so I ordered 4! Now my price dropped to just $7.87 a box, but I’m not done yet. You didn’t really think I’d stop here did you? To get free shipping at, you have to reach a $35 total. With the 4 boxes, my total was $31.44 so I still needed $2.40 more and it tells you as much up in the corner. Since I was getting litter for my cats, I headed to the Cat Treats to stay with the theme. I picked up 2 bags of Temptations cat treats. Because I bought 2, they were $1.74 each, which brought me to $36.18. Enough for free shipping.

15% Discount on Your First Order
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OK, now for the final little goodie. Right now, when you place your first order at of $35 or more, you can receive a 15% discount on this order, plus three subsequent ones, when you use code WELCOME15 at checkout. This brought my total down to just $33.26 for everything, plus it’s shipping free!


Amazon Prime Banner 1
Amazon vs. Jet vs. Brick & Mortar

As a comparison, on Amazon, my cat litter sells for the same price per pound with free shipping for being a Prime member, BUT on Amazon, I wouldn’t get the extra 15% off. As for the grocery store, these same boxes at Publix are $8.99. I know I could save a little more with coupons if I had any, but they don’t lower the price based on quantity, opting out of returns or using my debit card. Jet’s discounts pretty much equal any coupon savings, plus I didn’t have to leave the house with my online shopping 😉


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If you want to give a try too, head over here and register. Then you’ll be all set to use your WELCOME15 code when you’re ready to check out. By all means, be a good little shopper and compare to other sites you do your shopping at. If Jet is lower, pull the trigger. We’ll compare notes after our orders arrive. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the process at Jet so I’m sure neither of us will be disappointed. Happy Shopping!

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Need Some Online Shopping Tips:
  1. Online Shopping LogoFirst and foremost, we here at The Coupons Wizards and Wiz Dealz, will never ever post an offer from an un-reputable site. If you see it here, rest assured, it’s one of our partners that we trust.
  2. If it’s a site that we haven’t advertised, make sure that it’s a secure site. A site that begins with https:// in their payment area marks a secure website. Meaning your payment information will be encrypted. If it doesn’t have “s” at the end of http when you go to pay, don’t use it!
  3. Use a credit card with online fraud protection. Better yet, use a pre-paid credit card. That way, in one of those rare instances where it is breached, they’ll only be able to take the funds that you have loaded onto it; not your entire credit limit. This is also a good way to curtail your shopping. If you don’t have the funds pre-loaded, you won’t spend it.
  4. Print or keep screenshots of your transactions & check your account frequently. Contact the merchant and your card provider at the first sign of anything fishy.
  5. Don’t have the website store your credit card information. A lot of people do this, and it seems harmless enough, but that’s how a lot of security breaches happen. They hack into stored information. It’s worth the extra few minutes to re-type in your information each time you shop.

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