Organize Your Weekly Menu How-Tos

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How to Organize Your Weekly Menu


Organize Your Weekly Menu

How do you organize your weekly menu? Cooking saves so much money whether it’s for a small or a large family, and if you’re organized, you can make some healthy delicious dishes in very little time. I usually cook twice a week and that’s enough to get us through the week. Exceptions for me would be meals containing fresh seafood if the seasonal sales are good enough to purchase it.

Organize Your Weekly Menu

Before I had a good stockpile and a full freezer, I would scan the sales ads and plan my meals accordingly. This will save you money in both the meat and fresh produce departments weekly. Because I am able to keep a small stockpile of poultry, beef, pork and different sausages on hand, I plan my menus with what I have while using whatever fresh produce that happens to be on sale.

Give it  try

  • Plan your menus from your stockpile -or-
  • Scan your sales ad and plan your menu based on the sale items
  • Make a menu for 5-7 days, 3 meals a day
  • Have all the tools you need including bowls, can opener, garlic press, pans, storage containers, etc. on a counter near you
  • Erasable board, I use 2. One for my menu and one to list what produce goes into the recipes

~I write the produce I need for each dish on an erasable board and keep it in front of me. I cut all veggies at the same time for all the recipes and keep the veggies together for each recipe. I set each recipe’s vegetables aside and slice, dice or chop for the next one. Prep can be done and refrigerated until you’re ready to cook the dish. An erasable marker works good for labeling contents of storage containers.

~I spend about 30 minutes prepping my ingredients and maybe another 60-90 minutes actually cooking, depending on the recipe, and cleaning as I go. In about 2 hours I’ve made enough meals to last us half the week.

~If you don’t have time to cook right away, prep your ingredients anyway and they are ready for you when you are ready for them.

~If you’re making a recipe requiring a crock pot, a long simmer time on the stovetop, or if you want to add homemade bread to the menu, start those first.

The more you do it the more efficient you become…


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