Organizing Coupons with Wizard Tere

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Organizing Coupons

Organizing coupons can be tricky, but it is definitely not rocket science. When you find a method that works best for you, try to challenge yourself to make it more personalized. Seeing my Insert Insanity package every week always makes me smile. Why? Because I am getting inserts, which I know are loaded with fantastic coupons (way better than my local inserts) and because I know I will be watching a good movie soon. Yup, I watch a movie while I sort and file my inserts because it relaxes me and I can stay focused on my inserts and the movie at the same time.

First – I gather my inserts, stapler, scissors, paper clips, rubber bands, Sharpie marker, and file box and then pick out a good movie to watch (yes, I have a love for 80’s movies).

Organizing coupons             file folders

Organizing Coupons by Sorting

I sort each insert in the easiest way I find possible, which is how Wizard David taught me. I pull each page from 1 insert and line them up across my bed (you can use a table, but I use my bed because I can lock the bedroom door to ensure my “quiet insert/movie time”).  Once I am done with one insert, I grab the next insert and put each identical page on top of the previous page.  I continue this process until all of my inserts are stacked like the picture below. Sure, they aren’t nice and neat, but they will be when I am done with organizing coupons. The pages that are only advertisements with no coupons get recycled so they do not take up valuable space in my file box.

organizing coupons on the bed

Once each pile is completely sorted, I rip apart any double pages because it makes my life easier when stapling and especially when I search through my inserts for a coupon. The only double page that stays intact is the cover/back page. I keep this page intact because I use it as my “folder” for each set of pages that will go inside.


Be careful when ripping apart double pages because sometimes there are coupons like the one below that are exactly on the fold. Ughhh, now to use some tape…

inserts 2

Organizing Coupons by Stapling Together

Once each pile is neatly organized, I staple each pile once. No, I do not staple each of the 4 corners, but just one staple in the middle of one edge as pictured below. I find this method to be a little less time consuming, and less wasteful (4 staples identical page = a lot of staples!), plus it is easier to cut out 1 or 2 identical coupons instead of the entire stack of identical coupons as you would when stapling each of the 4 corners.

organizing coupons

My organizing coupons continues. Once each pile is stapled, I write the name and date of the insert on the cover page of the insert and either use a rubber band or paper clip to secure the entire stack of inserts. From there, each insert for that specific week is put in a file folder and sorted by date in my file box. I only have 1 file box for inserts because by the time the box is stuffed full, the inserts with older dates will have plenty of expired coupons that I can pull and recycle (or send to military since they can use them up to 6 months expired), which frees up space for the newer inserts.

inserts 3             organizing coupons

I also have another file box that holds my All You magazines, printable coupons, tearpad coupons, coupons found in product boxes, etc… as well as a stapler, scissors, envelopes (for mailing out coupons that I trade) and additional file folders.

filing box

Using the Coupon Database to Shop

When I am ready to hit the stores and shop, I check our Coupon Database or match-ups and pull the coupons I need from my file box and put into the appropriate store tab in my little purse-friendly coupon organizer. Each store tab has that specific stores coupon policy, any rain checks I get, and store coupons along with coupons I pulled from my file box and my shopping list.  

inserts folder

Stores, here I come!   

Each of us tackles organizing coupons & inserts a different way, which is perfectly OK! My goal is to find the easiest, least time consuming way to organize, and this method works perfect for me. Please share how YOU organize your inserts. Any tips or suggestions are also always welcome!



  1. I do a hybrid. I stack all the inserts together like you do but then I cut out the coupons I know I will use and put them into a binder and then file the rest of the insert.

  2. Cindy Wiste says

    I just read an article in the Rochester, MN Post Bulletin that says that “gang cutting” coups is not accepted in some stores. As I read further, they say that stapling and cutting several pages at once (which I also do) is illegal, because you must have purchased those coups somewhere to get multiples, and selling coups is illegal. What do you do with a statement like that?

  3. Angela Powers says

    I love the file method, and thanks for the purse size file box idea for when Im ready to shop. Im going to get one of those!!

  4. tara moncrief says

    this looks like it might work for me…. my binder is getting way too full so i want to try a new method of organizing my coupons

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