Organizing Inserts – Team File? How I Organize Mine

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Organizing Inserts

Organizing Inserts Travel Box

There are two main ways of organizing inserts and sort them. I used to be a Binder Babe until I realized it was taking too much time to cut & maintain.

This is the method that I use. I carry this in the car with me for any last minute, unplanned trip or unexpected sale. Inserts are stapled and labeled, scissors are ready to cut, sales ads on the side and hand sanitizer for after handling dirty shopping carts. Of course, my cut coupons and shopping list are in a separate envelope in my purse. I’d love to hear what method works for you and why?

For details on how to break down your inserts and file them, Click Here


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  1. Katherine Maurer says

    What inserts do you keep in here? All the current coupons or just the past month, six weeks, etc? Thanks for posting this. I really like the idea. I hate missing good deals I find in store but I also don’t have nearly enough time to clip all of them and set up a binder. Also do you keep a catalog of the coupons somehow? I know that when I’m looking for a coupon in my inserts I tend to reference a database online so I don’t have to look through each pack. But you can’t do this in your car so I’m wondering what your solution is. Thanks Again 🙂

    • It hold about 3-months worth of mine which are 10-packs. It all depends on how many inserts you personally get. To find out where a coupon is, I use my iPhone to get onto the database and check.

  2. georgia sasser says

    Love that 31 bag. Let your people know where to get one. I already have mine, I just hadn’t thought of using it for this purpose, but I will now.

  3. I used a binder then for 4 years used this insert filing method and went back to binder once I realized my needs were met better with the binder. But that is beside the point.. I must say……. I LOVE this bag! Love love love it. is it square? Seriously, gotta have it 🙂

  4. Christine Smatlak says

    I have that same style 31 bag, just different print and mine says Savings Hauler! lol. I love it cause either my binder fits in there or i can put certain inserts in there. All the little pockets are great. Plus when im at CVS it fits a whole lot of stuff in it when i use my green bag tag. LOVE IT!!!

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