Our Visit to the Jelly Belly Factory

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Jelly Belly Factory

Did you know that you can visit companies that offer tours for FREE? This week, I took the kids to the Jelly Belly Factory Tour in Fairfield, CA. Aside from being free, we received free samples and learned the process of making delicious Jelly Belly Beans. We went to Jelly Belly on a weekday, when the factory was in full swing and operational. You can still take the free tour on weekends, you just miss out on seeing the candy making process in person.

jelly belly factory

As we walked inside, we were greeted by colorful Jelly Beans hanging from the ceiling and portraits made entirely out of Jelly Beans – Ronald Reagan, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Spiderman, etc.

Being that we went during summer vacation, there was a long line; about a 30-45 minute wait. The older kids took turns waiting, while I took the little ones to eat at the Jelly Belly Cafe. Check out their jellybean shaped burgers below. They even have jellybean shaped pizza! The food was a bit expensive, so we each got kids meals. They even came with a cool souvenir cup that I saw in the gift shop for $3.00 each.

Right across from the tour line there is a tasting bar, where you can sample any flavor Jelly Beans. Even the Harry Potter ones – Canned Dog Food, Skunk Spray, Rotten Egg, Centipede, Booger, Baby Wipes, Barf, and Moldy Cheese, to name a few. My son hit the FREE tasting bar and had a blast! I tried a new flavor and loved it – Chili Mango.

jelly belly factory

Finally it was our turn to start the FREE tour. We were given our paper hats to wear and had our picture taken with Mr. Jelly Belly. Then we got to see all aspects of the candy making process and the history behind the owners. Did you know that the blueberry Jelly Belly was created just for Ronald Reagan? When Ronald Reagan was trying to quit smoking, Jelly Bellies became his favorite candy. When he was elected president, arrangements were made for Jelly Bellies to be served at all inaugural festivities. The color scheme for the inaugural was red, white, and blue. At that time, there were no blue Jelly Belly beans, so the blueberry Jelly Belly was developed specifically for Reagan’s inauguration.

The 40-minute tour was broken up nicely and the kids didn’t get antsy. The triplets enjoyed looking through the glass down at the workers making the candy, while the older kids watched the monitors explaining the process. We got to taste each stage of how a jelly bean is made and at the end we each got a FREE bag of Jelly Belly Beans. If you’re looking for something fun to do with the whole family, I highly recommend this tour. We had a blast!

Curious to see what FREE tours are available in your area? This book is a great source, it breaks it down by region and state.


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