Limited Freezer Space for Shopping Perishables?

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limited freezer space

When I ask people what their single largest grocery expense is, aside from diapers and formula the answer is usually meat. I agree, it’s my largest expense too. If you are not in a position to stockpile meat due to your finances or limited freezer space, then this little article may be very helpful to you.

I used to shop for everything this way. There is just not enough room in a side by side, right? The only reason I can stockpile meat is because I do have a freezer now and I am stocked up on so many other things that I have a little leeway in my grocery budget. Each week I would scan my local sales ads, now I scan match ups as well, and I made my weekly menu based on what was on sale. If pork was on sale I would make dishes with pork, if chicken is on sale then I made a couple of chicken dishes. I still do this for seafood and produce.

Most weeks you can find a good deal on at least 2 meats so you aren’t having chicken every night.  I also get creative with leftovers and make something completely different like a casserole the next day.  If I have a little chicken and a little beef or pork then I make enchiladas. I still stretch meat by buying a larger package than I need for just one meal.


Limited Freezer Space Checklist
  • Shop seafood the same way.
  • Purchase only fruits and vegetables that are on sale.
  • Scan the ad, make your menu, make your grocery list and stick to it.
  • Be sure to check your stores match up for the best deals and sale items that have coupons
  • Buy a larger  package than you need for one meal to stretch the ingredient into a a leftover meal.

Pay attention to price per pound and price per unit. A sale item may still be more expensive than the regular priced item next to it.


limited freezer space


Organizing the Limited Freezer Space You Have

Put some thought into the limited freezer space you have available. Keeping your freezer organized allows to see what you have. Food is easier to rotate and less likely to buried and forgotten too.

  • Do you have children that can heat items from the freezer after school? Put those items on one shelf.
  • Do you prefer to take a frozen meal for lunch? Put those on one shelf.
  • Can you dedicate one shelf for meat? Do you have any space for homemade lunches?
  • Take food out of their packaging and put it in freezer baggies. Write the cooking instructions on the bag. Stacking baggies instead of boxes takes less room.
  • If your freezer is on top, consider buying stackable containers to organize your food.

You can actually save a good deal of money buying fresh meat, seafood and produce by purchasing sale items only. Buy enough for the week so you’re not tempted to go back into the store. If you have limited freezer space, organize, organize, organize!



  1. I tend to buy enough to freeze enough meat for 8 to 10 meal packs. Having a deep freezer helps a lot.

  2. I had sticker shock this morning at Bi-lo. We just paid off our second mortgage and wanted to celebrate the event. Hubby wants steak. I have not purchased steak in a long time. I was shocked at the prices:ribeye-12.99/lb t-bone-12.99/lb new york strip 11.99/lb. Hubby wanted a ribeye, grandson wanted a t-bone and I prefer new york strip. I am still in shock at the prices!! I normally buy lean ground beef or turkey, chicken, frozen fish, occasionally lean pork chops when on sale. Do you purchase steak and is there any tips you can offer?

    • Cheryl CONGRATS on paying off that loan, I would celebrate too! No I don’t buy steak like I used too. Your steak prices are about the same as mine. I just can’t fit steak in my budget on a regular basis. It’s actually cheaper to go to a restaurant and pay the same price for a complete meal and I don’t have to clean up the mess. I have replaced ribeye and new york strip with flank steak, be sure to cut it against the grain. I can marinade and grill it, make fajita’s, stir fry, Italian beef sandwiches etc. If you plan on making recipes like that, here’s a great tip. Lay the steak out flat on a plate and put it in the freezer for about 20 min. This will allow you to slice it paper thin. I can usually find it for about $6.00 lb. Beware of this tho, skirt steak and flank are very similar but you get far more fat with skirt steak which means more waste and less meat.

  3. Susan Clark says

    Great article and great tips. We eat a lot of chicken. Not a real big red meat eater.

  4. I’ve always shopped this way. With both of us growing up with frugal parents we’ve learned to only buy what you can afford. Yes, you do slip up; but, you’re not human if you don’t, LOL. We don’t have the freezer that we would like; but, patience is a virtue. Paying some bills and by the end of the year, we should have the freezer. I’ve always had a hard time planning meals as I only buy what’s on sale and what’s affordable. I’ve learned from watching/helping my parents how to store items in a deep freezer; but, will have to learn how long items can be stored for. I know how to package them as I had to help out, not a bad thing, lol. Back then it was the wax paper, foil, and occasionally ziploc bags, lol. I don’t make a menu plan, it’s all in my head and what I buy at the store I think what is a good meal. I do make a list on what is on sale and is part of the meal and stick to it. I can’t put it down on a calendar what to make as each day is different; but, I do only buy what is affordable and different and try to mix it up. Now chicken has been a huge part of our meals as it’s been very cheap and can be on a regular basis and it’s very low in fat & grease. But, the meats have been changing in price and have been changing things. Can’t wait for the brats to go back on sale as summer nears and can start grilling, again, lol. Thank You !!!!!

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