PINCHme – Free Samples Boxes from PINCHme 2/28

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Free Samples Boxes – 2/28

Pinchme Sample Tuesday 2-27-17 FI & FB

Are you a PINCHme member yet? It’s a free samples program where on a select Tuesday of every month, which they announce on their website, they release new samples, depending on your zip code & how you filled out your profile. They (and the companies they work with) want the right samples to get into the right hands so fill out your profile questions carefully! When samples are released, you can sign up to receive as many or as few of the available samples to you that you want. The picture above is my latest sample box! Some of these will be on 2/28.

You have to be quick though because they only have so many. This month’s Sample Tuesday is 2/28 at Noon EST, on the dot.. You log into your account, pick what you want, sometimes answer a couple questions, and then they send your samples off in a PINCHme box a few weeks later. I’ve gotten 12 or 13 boxes of free samples so far and a few products I liked, some I didn’t, but that’s the whole point of samples, right?

Make Sure to Rate Your Free Sample Box Products

One word of advice. They expect you to rate the samples once you’ve tried them. I hadn’t rated anything yet after my 1st box and when I went to grab my next sample box, they made me take a couple surveys on products they sent me first, before allowing me to get a new box. That took some time of course, and there was only one sample left by the time I finished. So make sure you go into your account and rate as soon as you’ve tried something so that doesn’t happen to you. Also, make sure to fill out your profile questions completely. That’s another way they select samples for you.

Head over to PINCHme now and get your account set up if you don’t already have one. That way you’ll be ready ahead of time. I usually go login a few minutes beforehand and then refresh at noon. Just another helpful little hint. Good luck and let me know what you think!

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