Planned Budget Saves Emergency Fund Again

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Here’s How Our Planned Budget Helped Us

planned budgetHubby and I do have our $1,000 emergency fund and planned budget. However, I am extremely over protective of them. In order to minimize us touching it, I do budget for “stashes.” These stashes include car repairs/maintenance/tags, house repairs and medical, to name a few.

Each month, a set amount is put into the “stash” so that if something pops up we have money sitting there waiting for it. This has kept us from touching the emergency fund or having to put something unexpected on a credit card.

Again this weekend the planning saved our emergency fund. To top off a horrible week, Friday at 5:10, right as places closed, I caught a flat tire. It was me and my 10 year old daughter and I, in a pretty out of the way location. This also happened when hubby was at work. It never fails that these things will always happen when he is gone.

My Tire vs the Planned Budget

I have road side assistance so someone was sent out to change the tire for me. I know, I know! I need to learn to change a tire, that’s beside the point, lol! My concern was the cost of a new tire. As you can see in the picture there was a big chunk of something in it so it was beyond repair. I have 20″ tires and these tend to be expensive. Luckily, we had the “car stash” so I was able to pay cash AND not touch the emergency fund.

I also ended up getting a great deal on the tire. According to the tire shop, they normally run in the neighborhood of $300. Their buyer had found a great deal on some and bought a trailer load. He split them up among the few stores they have so each would have a few to pass on the savings. I got it for $176 installed. So I was a pretty happy camper.

It goes to show that a little planning it worth it!

“A man who does not think and plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door.” -Confucius


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  1. My father always taught me to buy the Protection Warranty. I always have! It was always worth the extra $10 per tire.
    A month back I was coming home and I heard the tire blow. Great. Found out it had a nail in it. Took it to the shop. Cost $8.00 for a new tire. And 2 weeks after that my hubby was driving home and hit a piece of rebar in the road. Boom!
    Once again $8.00. That was to put a warranty on the new tire. So we have 2 brand new tires for less than $16!
    Worth the investment! So worth it!

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