Planning Your Fall and Winter Vegetables

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I keep hearing folks say vegetable growing season is almost over all the while I’ve been setting up more raised planter beds anticipating the fall and winter vegetables.  I’m addicted to sugar snap peas, home grown lettuce and spinach.  I realize everyone cannot grow fall and winter vegetables with out having a greenhouse or a cold frame that offers a comfortable environment for less hardy plants through the winter months in cold regions.  Relying solely on the heat and warmth of the sun, it costs nothing to use and very little to build yourself if you choose.

When the day comes to plant your seed tape or plants you purchased your soil should be ready for planting.  Each strip of seed tape is biodegradable toilet paper embedded with perfectly spaced seeds; we simply lay the strip into our planting furrow according to the depth on the seed packet and cover with dirt and compost. Planting this way is precise, there’s little or no thinning needed, and it’s easy to make yourself.

There was a time I was to busy to sow seeds and honestly bending over or kneeling down started to become painful but I loved the convenience of seed tape.  I bought some and tried it out and absolutely loved it but was not impressed with the price so the following year I was back to doing it the old fashion way.  Since then the price has come down significantly (I originally paid $15.00 for 15 feet), now the price is comparable to a packet of seeds.


  • You can buy 15′ Red Beets seed tape at for $3.69 where as a seed competitor price for same product was $4.95.
  • At you can buy red beets 400 seeds for $3.08 where the competitor charged $3.95 for 400 seeds.

If you factor in seed waste from spillage, thinning, not to mention the fact that no one uses a whole bag of seeds before they go bad it’s worth buying seed tape unless of course your family and friends want to make seed tape with you to use up a bag of 400 seeds.

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So if you’re planning  fall / winter vegetables go to a place like plug in your zip and find out what you can grow in fall/winter months. Compare their prices with those of and while you’re there look at clearances on garden tools.  Currently  If you sign up giving them you email address you can get $5.00 off of your next purchase of $30.00 or more.

I’m planning an awesome fall/winter garden, what are you planning?

Happy Gardening~



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