Plumbing Advice from the Horse’s Mouth

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Plumbing AdviceSo I had an enlightening experience today and learned some valuable information along the way. Who knew today would be the day I would receive plumbing advice? We had to call a company this morning because we had a backup. I’m sitting outside on my patio when all of the sudden “A River Runs through It.” Actually, under my patio door, onto the patio floor! You see my husband flushed the toilet in our guest bathroom, I know, how dare he, and apparently the toilet seal was no good and water came up around the base of the toilet, over the floor, out the door, and out onto the patio. Thank God it didn’t flow towards the other rooms instead!

After pouring liquid plumber down the drain, letting it sit, and re-flushing again, it happened a second time. We realized there was a major clog and we had to get someone like Drain Masters Plumbing in to unblock it. Our plumber, we’ll call Harold, was excellent! Very neat, courteous, and explained everything well. As well as he could do as a laywoman anyway, but Harold did what he had done to and 2 & a half hours later (yikes!), after completely snaking all drains, he gave me these two pieces of plumbing advice:

Plumbing Advice #1

You know those flushable wipes they now make? For cleaning the bath, cleaning your bum, flushable baby wipes, etc.? Don’t flush them! They don’t break down in your drains, they just clog them. When they say “safe for all septic and non-septic plumbing”? They lie. None of these products are flushable. They’ll go down the drain all right and then sit in your mainline collecting until you have a clog and need to call someone out who knows what they’re doing when it comes to drain cleaning. Same with flushable cat litter (which I kind of figured with this one anyway). Harold went on to say that there is only one thing that is flushable, or that should be flushed anyway, which brings me to piece of advice #2.

Plumbing Advice #2

Plumbing Advice TPThe only thing flushable, or that should be flushed, is Scott’s Bath Tissue. Single-ply, double-ply, extra soft, Scott Naturals; it does not matter. No Angel Soft, no Charmin, no Cottonelle, no store brand, etc. He said that Scott’s is the only company that makes a tissue that actually breaks apart in the water in the drains; the others stay whole. Eventually, these products will clog your drains, which is totally what happened to us! Our main line (along with a couple of smaller ones where stuff was pushed into) was full of the aforementioned products!

Who knew? Well, I’m sure some of you did, but for those that didn’t, like me, or thought this advice only applied to septic systems, like me, you’ve been forewarned. For more plumbing info, check websites similar to those of Tom Moffett Plumbing services.

Do with Harold’s words, and the plumbing advice he gave me, what you will. Personally, I don’t want another $600 plumbing bill so I’m going to take his advice and stop using these products. I also know most of us are couponers and tend to go with what’s on sale. When I cried the blues and explained this to him, his final parting words for me were “Go ahead and use what you want. It keeps me in business.” Nuf said for me!


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