Speedy Check Out? Make Sure to Prep!

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Do You Like a Speedy Check Out?

When you start couponing check out can be down right nerve racking! You get to the register scared the cashier will hate you. You are worried the people behind you may pelt you with produce if you don’t hurry and get out of their way. Then you get nervous that you have everything in order so you don’t throw that awesome plan out the window by not having the right coupons at the right time.

This is where a little prep work can go a long way, especially if you are doing multiple transactions. It took me a little while, but I finally have a pretty good handle on making my shopping & having a speedy check out.

To Have a Speedy Check Out, Make Sure You Have The Right Product

One important thing is to make sure you have the right products in your basket. This way you don’t find out during check out that you got the wrong toothpaste and it doesn’t match the coupon or it’s not the one on sale.

What I have found helpful is to have the ads with me in the store. When I make my shopping list, I circle the items I’m getting in the actual ad. That way when I’m in the store, I can quickly find the detailed description to make sure I have the right item.

This is extra helpful when you may be shopping early on the first day of the sale and all the tags may not have been put up yet. Just because a tag isn’t up doesn’t mean it’s not on sale. They may just not have gotten there yet.

Have Your Transactions Physically Separated

One of the best tips I ever got out of some others’ posts is to have your transactionsspeedy check out separated in hand baskets. Grab 1 of these handy dandy little baskets for each transaction and put them in your shopping cart when you start shopping. This way all the items in each individual transaction can be put in the same hand basket.

When you get to the check out, you just grab each basket as you need it. No holding up the line searching for the items that you need as you do each transaction. It will also help you from accidentally ringing something up in the wrong transaction. This definitely helps you have a speedy check out. And all the people behind you too 😉

Have A List With Coupons Already Pulled

I’m a planner and I always have my shopping trips on a list. Now you can do this hand written or use a spreadsheet; whatever you check outare comfortable with, but a list is key. Whether I’m doing one transaction or multiple ones, I make sure to have a detailed list and I make sure to have all the coupons I am going to use paper clipped to it. If I omit an item while I’m shopping, I remove the coupon(s) and put them in my purse. This way when I get to the check out, all the coupons are there and ready to just be handed to the cashier to help assist with a speedy check out.

If I am doing multiple transactions, and will need ECB’s/RR’s/UP’s from one transaction on a subsequent one, I have a post-it note on that list to remind me. This keeps me from getting flustered and forgetting to use them.

I have found since doing this that my couponing has been much better received by cashiers.  Once they see how fast I whip thru a transaction, they are less likely to give me problems with multiples. It also gets me in and out as quickly as possible. Remember, couponing is about saving you money, but not costing you a lot of time.


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  1. I was afraid I was the only one who felt this way. I usually try to have everything ready before I get to checkout too. But these are some great pointers. Thank you!

  2. I saw a post earlier about using the hand baskets, I think I’ll try that next time I shop. I might even put the list and coupons in each basket instead of holding everything. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. I do the separate basket thing too. And I put my coupons in each basket like you suggested Dawn. Love the tip about the RRs/ ECBs, etc. That part does throw me. Now I’ll just put in a sticky w/ the RR or ECB amount, replace it with the actual RR or ECB when I go to pay, and no more forgetting. Thanks Cyndi 🙂

  4. Preparation is the key to couponing. I study the adds and use envelopes for each store listing the items on the outside. I bring a highlighter to mark off the items. I saved over $180.00 just last week. I’m not intimidated by other shoppers as I’m proud of my accomplishment!

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