Prime Pantry – 51% Savings over Publix

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My Prime Pantry Order

Prime Pantry Order Pics from 8-8

A couple weeks ago I bought a multipack of Lay’s Potato Chips and because I chose the slow shipping option, I received a $5 Amazon Prime Pantry credit, which I used today. If you’re not up to speed on Prime Pantry or these Pantry Credit deals, read my post here.

A lot of people express that “they can get that cheaper at Walmart” or Target, Staples, etc. and that may be so, but I look at it this way. I didn’t have to get dressed, I didn’t have to drive to the store, I didn’t have to use paper & ink to print coupons, I didn’t have to break out the inserts & clip any coupons, I didn’t have to round up any kids to take with me (well I don’t have any kids, but you get my meaning.) All of that takes time & money, but most importantly to me is time!

Because I took advantage of my $5 Prime Pantry Credit, and this offer on free shipping for 4 select Back to School items, I ended up getting all the below for $14.67. Actually $11.65 because I had a bit of money from a gift card left, but we’ll forget about that to keep it real. By the way, I priced these items at Publix and the same order would have cost me $29.80 after any available sales & coupons. Just saying.

My Prime Pantry Order
Publix Comparison
  • Finish Powerball Tabs, 32ct – $7.09 less $0.55 coupon savings = $6.54
  • Lysol Wipes, 240ct – $13.77 less $0.50 coupon savings = $13.27
  • Vitamin Water Zero, 6ct – $5.99 no coupon savings = $5.99
  • *Strawberry Pop-Tarts, 16ct – $5.00 less $1 coupon savings = $4.00
  • Total = $29.80 less no other discounts
  • Total OOP = $29.80 or 51% more than Amazon!

*Publix actually has the 6ct boxes on sale 3/$5. They don’t carry the 16ct. So technically, you would get 2 more pop-tarts at Publix, but it still wouldn’t make it cheaper than Amazon.

Prime Pantry Order from 8-8

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