Publix: David Breaks Down the Planning and Execution of a 90% Savings Shopping Trip!

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One of the things that we strive to do is to actually show you how to coupon. I don’t want to be known as a site that simply tells you how to do it. I want to lead by example and show you the different techniques in action so that you are able to replicate them for your own household. This video will show you how we were able to save 90% on a 3 month supply of laundry detergent and some other household needs. Specifically the techniques to be watching are:

Elevating a basket purchase before coupons in order to use a $10/$50 total order coupon
Coupon Stacking of Store and Manufacturer Coupons
Effective Use of Manufacturer Coupons on a Buy One Get One Sale
Using “money maker” deals on items we use to elevate the total while reducing the overall out of pocket

Remember, just because we shop at Publix doesn’t mean that the techniques aren’t universal. You can do this too! Continue to follow our site, but also join us on Facebook as well as our private online community Serious Coupon Magic, where we have real time chat an live coupon swaps!


  1. i went to Publix tonight with the intention of buying $30 worth of Kellogg cereal to get the $10 gift card but because i was buying one get one free, i was told i could only get 10 boxes total so could not do the deal.. i did not have all one kind of cereal, i had 10 boxes of Krave, 4 boxes of Frosted flakes and 2 of Crunchy Nut.. they said it could not be the buy one get one free cereals.

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