Publix Shopping Trip with 50% Savings

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My Publix Shopping Trip

Publix shopping trip

I went on a Publix shopping trip today! I’m not a big fan of buying pre-packaged convenient food for two reasons. One, I can usually make it myself cheaper and two, I can make it without adding a bunch of who knows what added to it. One of my exceptions are the Hormel refrigerated entrees, but only a a couple of them.

I was able to buy these this week for $3.99. At this price, it’s cheaper than the cost of the raw meat and the cost of cooking it. The pork and beef roasts have less ‘stuff’ added to them and the sodium is acceptable. You can use these as they are or turn them into shredded beef burritos with a little seasoning or saute the pork in a olive oil, add a little lime juice and you have carnitas in minutes.

The Near East products on my Publix shopping trip were a little more expensive per ounce than what I can get in bulk at other stores. However … this sale allowed me to try a couple products that I haven’t had before like the whole grain blend, whole wheat couscous and Taboule, without spending too much to discover I may not like them. If I don’t care for them as a side dish, I’ll simply add them to soups.

The sauce is good to have on hand when we lose power which we seem to do often in FL. I can cook on my gas stove, but I can’t open the freezer to pull food out. To keep jars rotating I add them to my homemade sauce as they near their expiration date if needed.

These Publix Shopping Trip Items are Valid Until 8/29:

Total $148.68 … OOP $74.31 … Saved $74.37 = 50%. Not too bad considering I bought meat.

10  Near East side dishes BOGO $2.19, no coupons = $1.10

  • No coupons available

10  Kraft BBQ sauce BOGO $1.85 = $.63 each after coupons

  • Used (5) $.60/2 SS 8/18 (data base says $.60/3, coupon is $.60/2)

8   Hormel refrigerated entrees on sale $4.99 = $3.99 each after coupons

  • Used (8) $1/1 SS 8/19

8   Pop Secret popcorn 6 pack BOGO $4.99 = $2.00 each after coupons

  • Used (4) $1/2 printable

6   Classico pasta sauce BOGO $2.99 = $1.16 each after coupons

  • Used (2) $1/3  printable

2 Hellmann’s mayonaise BOGO $5.25 each = $1.13 each after coupons

  • Used (2) $1/1 MQ printable and (1) $1/2 Target printable


Happy saving! ~Valerie

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