Publix Shopping Trip – End of Month w/ MMs!

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Publix Shopping Trip 9-30-12I did a little shopping yesterday, including a Publix shopping trip, yeah! It’d been so long, I almost forgot how to do this. I’ve run into a store for something here and there, but as far as doing a full shop, coupon/matchup round-up and all, it’s been some time. It came back to me quick though and I was able to put two pretty decent shopping trips together. I saved 86% at Publix and 95% in my CVS shopping trip. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

This Publix Shopping Trip picture represents everything I got with the exception of the two bags of vegetables I forgot to throw in. Living here in South Florida, as you would imagine, everything frozen hits the freezer immediately when I got home so I just forgot to grab them when I snapped the photo. Oh well; I’m sure you get the idea.

Here’s what I got and the coupons I used. I tried to include links to the printable ones, and any you can purchase from Wiz Clipz, where I could. If you have any questions though, feel free to leave a comment.

Publix Shopping Trip 09/30/12

4 Baileys Creamers @ $8.96 ($2.19 ea)
Used 4 $1/1 Baileys Creamer coupons from 8/5 SS (expired now)
Used 4 $1/1 Publix Qs from Yellow Adv. Flyer
OOP = $0.76 (.19 ea)

6 Baileys Creamers @ $13.14 ($2.19 ea)
Used six (6) $1.50/1 Baileys Creamer coupons Baileys Facebook Promo
Used six (6) $1/1 Publix Qs from YellowAdv. Flyer
OOP = $1.86 MM!

2 Pace Chunky Salsa BOGO @ $2.70 (2 for $2.70)
Used one (1) .60/2 Pace Salsa coupons from 8/26 SS (expired now)
OOP = $2.19

3 Sundown Folic Acid 250ct @ $11.37 ($3.79 ea)
Used three (3) $1.60/1 Sundown, any coupons CouponNetwork Video Values
Used three (3) $3/1 Sundown, any 120ct+ Publix Qs from Green Adv. Flyer
OOP = $2.43 Money Maker!

8 Farm Rich Appetizer Bags BOGO @ $23.96 ($5.99 ea for 2)
Used four (4) $3/2 Farm Rich Snacks, any (not sure if still there)
OOP = $11.96

12 Campbell’s Chunky Soup Microwave Bowls BOGO @ $11.94 ($1.99 ea for 2)
Used six (6) .75/2 Chunky Soup Microwave Bowls from 9/9 SS (none left on Wiz Clipz)
Used four (4) $2/3 Chunky Soups Publix Qs from Best Meals @ Home Email
OOP = $0.56 Money Maker!

2 Lay’s Potato Chips, 10 to 10.5 oz, BOGO @ $4.29 ($4.29 for 2)
Used one (1) $1/2 Lay’s Chips, 10oz+ coupons from Winn Dixie Facebook Promotion (prints out as regular manufacture coupon)
OOP = $3.29

4 Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, 12 to 17.3 oz, 4/$5
Used one (1) $1/3 Pillsbury Grands! IP coupon from Betty Crocker website
Used one (1) $2/3 Publix Q from Italian Days flyer or 9/16 RP
OOP = $2.00

2 Progresso Bread Crumbs, 15 oz, BOGO @ $1.97 ($1.97 for 2)
No coupons
OOP = $1.97

2 Bird’s Eye Frozen Vegetables, 50% off (bought Steamfresh @ $2.59 ea, pd. $2.59 for 2)
Used two (2) .50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh Bags from Bird’s Eye website
OOP = $1.59

Overall Totals from Publix Shopping Trip:

Before any coupons, sale prices or discounts was $136.31
After coupons, sale prices & discounts was $18.92 (before any tax)
Total Savings of $117.39 or 86.1% (Savings [$117.39] / Before discounts total [$136.31])

For those of you that like to see this broken out on my Shopping Spreadsheet, I posted it below. Make sure to click on it to make it bigger. If you want to learn the ins & outs of using my spreadsheet, I explain it in detail in this other Publix Shopping Trip post.

Until next time, Shop Happy ~ Michele


Publix shopping trip 9-30-12

(Click to enlarge)

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