Publix – Small Trip, Big Savings

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My Publix Trip

Publix TripSo I ventured out to Publix this weekend. I had seen a couple posts on a couple deals I wanted to score so I clipped/found my coupons and headed out. Before I could clip and find my coupons from my files and binder though, I made sure to plan it out on my Shopping Spreadsheet as I found the deals. What spreadsheet you ask? Well, I’m here to tell you all about it! Or if you’re just interested in what I scored, take a look at the screenshot below. 89% Savings; not too shabby!

How the Spreadsheet Began

Long, long ago (like in March of 2011, ha!) I was having a hard time keeping track of all the deals I was finding during the week. You see, I do most of my shopping on Thursdays and Saturdays, but the problem I was having was I would find out about some deal I wanted to check out on say, Monday, but by the time I was ready to start putting my coupons together for a Publix trip, for instance, I would forget what that deal was. Or what the deal was on Wednesday I had found, or Sunday, etc. Then a light bulb went off in my head! Why not make a spreadsheet, that I can record the deal on when I find it, so that when I am ready to clip my coupons, all I would have to do is refer to my spreadsheet; not try and remember what the deal was, or go back on the Internet and try to find it! My “Shopping Spreadsheet” was born!

I Use this On All Shopping Trips, for Example, Publix

Now this spreadsheet is different than the Coupon Trip Analysis spreadsheet that Wizard David put together to keep track of the money I’m spending. No, this is only for my shopping trips, which I might add, I just use the info from to copy & paste onto my budgeting and Coupon Trip Analysis spreadsheets, but that is for another post. This spreadsheet both helps me keep track of deals during the week and creates a shopping list I can just print out when I’m done. It also gives me a grand total at the bottom that I can match to what the register comes up with, to make sure everything jives.

Screenshot of Publix Shopping Trip
Publix Trip Spreadsheet

So I do I Use This Grand Spreadsheet?

If you look at the screenshot above (you may have to click on it so you can see it larger), you will see all my different fields. I will tell you how I use each one. The first two are obvious, the Store I’m shopping at and the Product I’m after. The # column is for the number of each of the products I want. Price Each is the cost of each item. Now if it’s going to be a BOGO type deal, I simply divide the number in half. For example, the Green Giant veggies are 2 for 1 so I just put on the spreadsheet that I’m going to get 4 @ a price of .99 each. The bacon is on sale 3/$10 so since I’m going to be getting two, I just say 2 @ $3.33, etc. Grand Total is simply the # multiplied by the Price Each, which my spreadsheet calculates for me. Q1 – Q4 are where I record the coupons I will be using. If for some reason I have more than 4, for instance where I buy 10 packs of gum, I just add them together; Ten $1 coupons = $10. Total OOP is the total out of pocket I will be spending after coupons; Grand Total – Q1 + Q2 … = Total $ OOP. Again, my spreadsheet calculates this for me. Comments is where I record the coupons I need & where to find them, the flyer something comes out of, any pertinent notes I need, etc. I’ve even been known to just put the web address of where I found the deal in, in that column so I can look up all the details later if I’m stretched for time when I come across the deal.

If you look at the bottom rows, you will see all my final totals. At the bottom of the Grand Total column, you will see Grand Total b4 Coupons, which will tell me how much all my purchases would cost before coupons. For instance on this shop, if I didn’t use any coupons, I would have spent $57.97 (before tax) on this trip. At the bottom of the Total OOP, you see Pre-Tax Total. This tells me what I will pay, after all my coupons have been scanned, pre-tax. So on this Publix trip, after the cashier scans all my coupons, I will be paying $6.64 before tax. Directly underneath that is where I put my Tax, which was $0.48. This I had to calculate by hand. If you live in Florida, or another state where certain items are not taxed, you’ll have to do it by hand as well. Sadly, there is no way for the spreadsheet to know which items will be taxed and which won’t; therefore, I had to go through my list by hand and calculate the tax for the items that will be taxed; in my case, just the toothpaste & soda. If you live in a state where no matter what you buy is taxed, you’re in luck (well, sort of), because I have it set to calculate automatically. You’ll just have to change the tax rate. If you’re like me though, you’ll have to do that part by hand. Simply add up your tax and place the amount in that field (remember, tax is usually pre-coupons). Of course the Pay @ Reg. is what your final total will be at the register after coupons are scanned and the tax is calculated. So on this Publix trip of mine, I spent $7.12 after all my coupons!

In the bottom left-hand corner you’ll find my savings calculations that figure out my percentage saved (Actual amount/Savings = Percentage Saved). This part just tells me what my overall savings were. Again, the spreadsheet calculates all that for me.

If you decide to download and use my Shopping Spreadsheet, you’ll see I have different tabs for the different stores I shop at. The Walgreens and CVS tabs have different columns because of the Register Rewards and ECBs. There are some differences, which I will explain in a separate post, but for now, the Publix, Target or Walmart tabs should get you started at least with your grocery stores. Even if you don’t want to use this to make your shopping list, just having a place to record deals as you come across them can be a Godsend! Nothing worse that wanting to do a deal, but not remembering the details or where you found it! So make sure you’re putting them someplace until you have time to go back later and pull the coupons and make your list.
As always, if you ever have any questions, ask away! Until next time, Shop Happy! ~ Michele


  1. Love it! I always have problems remembering deals as well. What a great idea!! Awesome savings too!

  2. I have one similar. i think I will tweak them together. TY!

  3. Amanda Hughes says

    I have been looking for a shopping list/spreadsheet. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this link., It is amazing. Exactly what I needed.

  4. I wish we had a publix’s here

  5. Thanks!
    I have NO idea how to make spreadsheets and get frustrated trying to learn so with what my daughter made me and with this, it’s going to be a great help!!!!
    Now if you could just make a Publix or another bogo store appear in my town I’d know you were truly a powerful wizard, lol

  6. Kathryn Slepicka Skokna says

    That’s awesome! I bought the coke zero 8 packs too as part of the $4 off publix coupon with nabisco and used the stacking coupons as well today! I also bought the green giant veggies…lol 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. Marguerite Miller says

    Thank you! I have it saved on my desktop! Now when I see a deal I want, I can easily just add it to the list for the correct store! (Without having a ton of papers and lists)!

  8. I really like this spreadsheet, thank you!!

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