Publix Trip – $105 in Groceries for $3.32!

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Publix Trip from This Weekend

Publix Trip with Poise Money MakerI had a solid Publix trip this weekend. I got about 1/2 food & 1/2 non-food. I was able to stock up on baggies, garbage bags and cheese and Poise, at a really good money making price! Man, my husband eats a lot of cheese. Hopefully what I got will last him at least into next week. Luckily, Publix will be having a sale on their brand, which we like just as much, in the upcoming ad so I’ll be able to get more to freeze.

I ended up with about a 97% savings overall. I broke my trip up into 2, at 2 different stores so I could use two of my $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupons. I had a shop of about $2.39 & the other came in at $0.93, not including tax. I don’t know why my cats always have to get in the pictures either. I think she was after the cheese.

Some of the coupons are no longer available, but the ones that are, I’ve added the links where appropriate. This is what I got on this weekend’s Publix trip:

Publix Trip 2/9

3 Poise Body Wash + 4 Poise Towelettes @ $3.49 ea
Used seven $3/1 Poise Product coupons from SS 1-13
Used seven $3/1 Poise Product Publix Coupons from GAF (FYI, the GAF exp’s 3/1)
OOP = $17.57 MM!

12 Hefty One-Zip Storage Bags on sale $1.50 ea
Used six $1.50/2 Hefty One-Zip Storage Bag coupons from RP 11-11
OOP = $9.00/12 or $0.75 ea

2 Glad Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags, 45ct on sale for $5.99
Used two $1/1 Glad Product coupons (sign-up req’d)
OOP = $9.98 (bummer I didn’t realized there was a Publix Q that exp’d Fri!)

3 French’s Honey Dijon Mustard on sale for $1.49
Used three $1/1 French’s Honey Dijon Mustard coupons (sign-up req’d)
OOP = $1.47/3 or $0.49 ea

6 Pkgs Sargento Reduced Fat Cheese Slices on sale for $2.79 ea
Used six $0.55/1 Sargento Reduced Fat Cheese Slices coupons
Used three $1/2 Sargento Sliced Cheese Publix coupons from RP 1-27 or Print
OOP = $10.44/6 or $1.74 ea + $0.50 cash back from ibotta

6 Crescent Rolls, 4 ct. on sale 10/$10
Used six $1/1 Crescent Rolls, any coupons (NLA)
OOP = $0

Used two $5/$30+ Winn Dixie coupons on 2 separate transactions

Totals from Publix Trip (both trips combined – tax)

Total before any coupons or discounts = $105.74
Total Savings after coupons & discounts = $102.42
Total OOP = $3.32
Overall % saved = 96.9% (Savings/Total b4 coupons & discounts or $102.42/$105.74)

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  1. I am following how you guys save so much I am doing better I saved $88 but I spent ALOT! Only good thing is now we are now able to make a big meal we made ribs this weekend and eat them for a few meals. My 19 year old son ate 8 ribs last night and 2 helpings each of corn and mashed potatoes. The way this kid eats I NEED to stock up. My big orange cat is always nosey also. I bought Angel Soft TP and got a good deal on it only to realize Publix has a $1 coupon on it as well so I am thinking of getting more. I think it brings a 12 pack down to $3 with the 2 coupons and the sale. How are you able to only get a few things for the week is that because you stockpiled on other things or do you get other stuff that isnt pic as well for the week? Thanks !

  2. What is the GAF coupons on the Poise products?

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