Publix Trip X 2 on Thursday 8/23/18

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Today’s Publix Trip

Publix Trip Pic 8-23-18

I went on a Publix Trip today! As usual, you can make that 2 trips. My WizClipz coupons came today for $5 Target gift card (I got a Publix of course) on a $20+ health care purchase (incl. Thermacare, Advil & Nexium). Because Publix will only accept one per day, I went to 2 stores to be able to use 2. Plus there’s this Pfizer rebate for $5 on a $25+ purchase available up to 2 times. Add in some cash back offers and I had a small trip, with super big savings. In fact, I have more gift card coupons so I’m going to go do the Thermacare & Nexium again tomorrow. Plus that Pfizer rebate is limit 2, per person, so I’m going to go score hubby a couple $5 Paypal eGifts 🙂

All together my savings was 82% + $10 back in gift cards. Like I said, I did 2 trips, but I put it into one below to make it easier. I would have done 5 Equal at each store, since the Ibotta limit is 5, but one store only had 3 in stock. Darn it! Anywho, here’s what I got and any coupons I used:

Publix Trip Breakdown:

1 Nexium 24HR, 42ct @ $28.99
1 Advil PM, 40ct @ $7.99 (I could have done 20ct @ $5.49, but this was a much better deal)
$5 Auto-Deducted for 1 Nexium
Used 1 $5/1 Nexium 24HR, 42ct coupon from 8/19 RMN
Plus Used 1 $2/1 Advil PM, 20ct+ coupon from 8/19 RMN
And Use 1 $5/1 Nexium, 42ct Publix coupon from H&B flyer
Lastly, Used 1 $5 Target Gift Card WYS $20+ on Nexium & Advil (+others) coupon from 8/19 RMN
OOP = 2/$17.98 + a $5 Publix Gift Card Back
Submitted receipt to Pfizer for $5 cash back on $25+
Total = 2/$12.98 after cash back + the $5 Publix (for Target) gift card

4 Thermacare Heat Wraps, 2ct @ $6.99 each
Used 4 $2/1 Thermacare Product printable coupons or from 8/19 RMN
Used 2 $5/2 Thermacare Products Publix coupons from H&B flyer
And Used 1 $5 Target Gift Card WYS $20+ on Thermacare (+others) coupon from 8/19 RMN
OOP = 4/$9.96 + a $5 Publix Gift Card Back
Submitted receipt to Pfizer for 2nd $5 cash back on $25+
Total = 4/$4.96 after cash back + the $5 Publix (for Target) gift card

8 Equal Sweetener, 100ct @ $2.09 each
Used 8 $1.50/1 Equal Sweetener printable coupons
OOP = $4.72
Submitted receipt to Ibotta for $8 cash back on Equal ($5 my acct, $3 hubby’s)
Total = Free + $3.28 MM after cash back

4 Weber Seasonings on sale 2/$2.39 or $1.15 each
No coupons used
OOP = $4.78
Submitted receipt to Checkout51 for $5 cash back ($2.50 my acct, $2.50 hubby’s)
OOP = Free + $0.42 MM after cash back

Totals from Publix Trip

Total before any coupons or discounts = $89.02
Total Savings after coupons & discounts = $72.78
Total OOP = $16.24 after cash back + $10 back in gift cards
Total Savings = 82% (Savings/Total b4 coupons or $72.78/$89.02) before tax

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