Publix Trip with 80% Savings

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My Latest Publix Trip

Publix Trip 2-29

Nothing better than a Publix trip with 80% savings. There were a couple of new things I wanted to try and as luck would have it, Publix was having a sale on them and there were coupons available. So I made my list, snagged my coupons, and off I went. The two items I wanted to try were the Kraft Fresh Take cheese & breadcrumb mixture and the new Kraft MilkBite Cereal Bars so I was happy they were included in the sale.

What’s on Sale for My Publix Trip?

In the current Yellow Advantage flyer there’s a  coupon available for $2 off 2 of the Kraft Fresh Take, Milk & Cereal bars, Philadelphia Cooking Cream or Indulgence or Oscar Meyer Select Franks. I used 3 of those coupons and got 4 Fresh Take and 2 MilkBites. Plus there was a $1/1 Kraft Fresh Take coupon & a .75/1 MilkBite coupon in the 2/26 Smart Source. I ended up getting the Fresh Takes for free and the MilkBites for .75 each. Woo Hoo.

The Velveeta Cheesy Skillets were on sale BOGO @ $2.98 and I used four .50 coupons from their current Facebook promotion for this Publix trip.  The free milk was from the Milk Mustache Campaign where you can download one of the limited number of daily coupons that earn you a free gallon of milk, up to $4, when you buy 3 breakfast items. As far as my Coffee-Mate creamers, I had a $1.85/3 Coffee-Mate Creamers coupons from and a $1/2 Coffee-Mate creamers Publix coupon from a booklet that expired yesterday.

Finally, the Butterball was BOGO and I have $1/1 any Butterball product coupons to use that I received from Butterball for buying a turkey at Thanksgiving. Those certainly came in handy. I believe I have until the end of August to use my other 3. The bananas were just thrown in so I would have a 3rd breakfast item to get my free milk. Of course I had my last $5/$30 Publix coupon to use up because it expired yesterday, which I guess you could say was my main reason for making the trip. That and it made the perfect opportunity to try those two new products I mentioned; win, win.

There’s Still Time

The Advantage Flyer doesn’t expire until March 16th so if anyone wants to try the Kraft Fresh Take bread crumb mix or the MilkBites, there’s plenty of time. The Fresh Take price is 2 for $4 and the MilkBites are priced 2 for $5. With the coupons, you can get free bread crumbs and .75 MilkBites too. To see my whole Publix trip broken down, and how I got to my 80% savings, check out the picture below. I of course planned my trip on my Shopping Spreadsheet.

Until next time, Shop Happy ~ Michele

Publix trip(Click to enlarge)

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